Help me write a book!

Guys…I need your help!

An amazing opportunity has arisen for me to write a book, a goal I've had for a long time!! **JAZZ HANDS!!** Here's my problem…they are trusting my judgement to decide what topic the book should be about. (Trusting my judgement? Heaven help us all…) Oh, and did I mention I have to decide, like, yesterday? Gulp.

This is a very difficult situation for an indecisive person with serious commitment issues. To help ease my anxiety, I thought I'd go straight to my most important source for information, inspiration, and reason…


Let's be honest, I don't write this blog for me. And I certainly don't need to write a book for myself. I do it 110million% for Y-O-U. I would pour my heart and soul into this book, just as I do my blog, and want to make it everything you would hope and dream about.

So, please…HELP!

Will you take 2 minutes and fill out the quick survey below to help me nail down the book topic and reasoning behind choosing it? Any and all additional feedback would be BEYOND appreciated. Fill out the survey online or fill it out directly below:

I can't thank you enough for your help. I'm SO EXCITED to write this book with you!!!!