If you've known me for more than two seconds, you have probably noticed that I have an obsession with cute/cheeky/clever trucker hats. I wear them (probably way too) often, and every time I do, I get bombarded with questions asking where I got them, and how YOU can nab them too.

Well, Freebs, I listened!

I felt like I could never find a price good enough, or a design cute enough, or quantity large enough to share with y'all. I then figured it might just make sense to manufacture our own! I gave my good friends at Cents of Style a call and decided to partner up with them to…drumroll please…

Create our OWN line of Freebs Trucker Hats that are going to be designed by Y-O-U!

Here's how it will work…

In the next few weeks we will have our own line of adorable, affordable trucker hats that will be available for purchase! It's so dang exciting! We will start with 3 different designs, that will each come in multiple color options. Here are a few options to feast your eyes on…*insert heart-eye emoji*

The best part about trucker hats is when they say something cute and clever. I mean, who doesn't love a good, cheeky hat??

design the FCF trucker hat line!

I know you Freebs are the most clever ladies (and men…we love Men Freebs too…) around,

so I need YOU to help come up with what the hats should say!  It's so easy! Simply submit your ideas online, or using the form below.

A saying? Quote? Hashtag? Knock knock joke? The sky is the limit! We are ultimately looking for something cute/clever, that we haven't seen around before.

You have until Saturday May 27 at midnight to submit your ideas. I know, I know, it's not much time…but we need to get these babies rolled out so we can all have them for summer! The winning designers will not only be featured on my blog, but you'll have ultimate bragging rights that YOUR idea was chosen for the world to see! Oh, and you'll get some free hats, of course.

design the FCF trucker hat line!

Fill out the form below or you can fill it out HERE. Hurry and submit your ideas by Saturday May 27th.

*NOTE: Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button or your response will not be logged!

design the FCF trucker hat line!


Can't wait to see what you come up with..and am so excited to rock some amazing hats with you!