Have you missed me?
(Um, Jordan, we haven't even noticed you've been gone…)
Ok, fine. Either way, I've been a touch MIA lately for a few reasons that I feel are important to fill you in on:

  • I've been on Vacay. What originally started as a “quick 2-day trip” to a blog conference shifted to a 6-day mini vacay for Bubba and I to spend time with family in his home-town in Concord, CA. As much as I tell myself, “ooh! I'll be on vacation and will have nothing to do but blog all day long!”…it just doesn't happen. So, hence the crickets over here.
so fun spending time with fam!
  • We are redoing our site! Woo hoo! We are migrating from Blogger to WordPress, getting a new logo, tagline, colors, feel, look, everything. BIG project, very time-consuming…plus, I will have to completely stop posting soon (for a few weeks) while the migration to the new site happens, so more patience needed soon!
  • I only work a few hours per day. Ultimately, I'm a mom and wife first and foremost. Since my near-death experience with Hutch 2 summers ago I make it a point “unplug” when my family is around, giving me only a few hours at night to work (which is tricky when I have an event, activity, if I'm sick or exhausted, need to do the dishes (heaven forbid), or just want to hang with my hubbylicious). Since the average post takes me 3-5 hours start to finish (no joke) and my body won't let me stay up until 2am for more than 2 nights in a row, something has got to give. So, thanks for your patience as I try to be a non-working (but totally working) stay-at-home mama!
The good news?
I have a major game plan in place so I can work much smarter, and not harder. My posts are going to be shorter and more frequent, I'm going to do more videos (I can say things a lot faster than I can type them), and I'm going to focus only on the most important stuff. Efficiency is key, here! So if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line.

Here's more vacation fun!

Sleepy baby riding the Bart at 11:30 just minutes before the strike, the famous Pier 39 sea lions, giving in to my human curiosity at Musee Mechanique, and officiating puff-ball races with the cousins, missing every second of my kids.

Have a great week!