Austin, TX

Howdy to all y'all Texans out there! Crazy idea…

I've never been to Texas before (I know, sad, right?) but I'm headed out there for a conference on July 31 – Aug 2. Since I'll be there anyway, I'm wondering if I have any FunCheapOrFree friends who would want to get together! I'm thinking that if there was enough interest I would do a mini seminar where I share some of my top budgeting/frugality/finance tips, do Q&A, and make some new friends! Tickets would be as affordable as possible ($25 or less, the more people who attend the cheaper the cost) and it would be just plain FUN.


Please fill out this quick survey online (or fill it out below) so I can see if there is enough interest to pull it off! I would really love to start doing mini Frugality Boot Camps as I travel throughout the country. Want to hold one in your area? CONTACT ME and let me know! [email protected]

Hope to see y'all in gool ol' TEHAS!