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After I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, I began sharing my journey to regain my health on social media. Through a strict diet and regimine from my doctor, I have been able to put my Graves into remission. Today I'm sharing a video plus other resources on my health journey.

Please note: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. I am sharing my experience. While Dr. Redd is a medical professional, he is not your doctor. Please consult your own primary physician before starting any new health or diet protocols.

First, check out the YouTube video we just filmed together. Trust me, Dr. Redd can explain the medical/science-y stuff a whole lot better than I can!

We'll be adding Part 2 of this video next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I've rounded up some of my health resources for you.

My Favorite Healthy Go-To Recipes

Not gonna lie, the strict diet can get old FAST. Thankfully I found a few approved recipes that really hit the spot and I didn't mind eating over and over. Here are a couple recipes that I LOVE incorporating into my health journey or just every day meal planning:

I'm going to have to work on putting together another blog post with some of my other clean recipes for you. I'll type up some of the simple things I ate regularly on my diet, but also encourage you to go check out my “Healthy Food” highlight on my Instagram!

  • Homemade hummus: 15oz. can chickpeas + 4 Tbs olive oil + 1 clove garlic + 1 tsp. cumin + 3 Tbs. lemon juice + 4 Tbs. cold water + salt to taste. Puree in a food processor until smooth!
  • Homemade pesto sauce: 2 cups fresh basil + 3 Tbs. pine nuts + 3 cloves garlic + 2 Tbs. lemon juice + 3 Tbs. olive oil + 2 Tbs. lemon juice + 3-6 Tbs. water + salt to taste. Combine in food processor.
  • Breakfast Bowl: smoked salmon, chicken sausage, roasted root veggies, spinach, balsamic glaze
  • Lunch bowl: roasted sweet potato cubes, ground turkey, arugula, balsamic glaze
  • Post-Workout Smoothie: Almond Milk (plain, unsweetened) + Clean Simple Eats vegan protein powder (code “JORDAN” for 10% off!) + chia seeds + banana + natural nut butter + ice + spinach

woman slicing an avocado, from Fun Cheap or Free

How To Keep Health & Fitness Affordable

Here are some of my best resources when it comes to finding healthcare, payment options for medical expenses, and keeping an active lifestyle without spending a fortune!

woman getting ready to run, from Fun Cheap or Free

My Favorite Health Brands:

  • Built Bar – The tastiest protein bar there is! Use code JORDANPAGE for 10% off
  • Care/of – Remembering to take your vitamins is so tough. That's why we L.O.V.E. Care/of! The convenient bio-degradable packages are perfect and their free quiz helps you know what vitamins your body needs. Save 30% with code JORDAN
  • Clean Simple Eats – Code “JORDAN” for 10% off
  • HAMAMA – Use code PAGE25 for 25% off
  • Liquid IV – If you need energy or hydration, this is for you! Use code JORDANPAGE for 25% off!
  • Mixhers – They've created a synergistic blend of ingredients that nourish your body and balance your hormone levels! You can always use code JORDAN for 10% off. BUT FOR BLACK FRIDAY: JORDAN30 will get you 30% off!
  • PERK ENERGY – Sometimes you just need a little jolt of caffeine! Perk is one of our favorite go-to's when it comes to that afternoon slump. Use code PAGE for 10% off.
  • TransformHQ – The BEST way to get your water in is with Hydration. It’s so tasty! Try some Boost to wake you up, too! Use code JORDAN for 10% off.

Don't forget to come back next week to watch Part 2 of my video with Dr. Redd! In the meantime, I'd love to hear what other healthy recipes are YOUR go-to in the comments below!

I hope this was helpful for you! We only get one body, let's take care of them!


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