I am still enjoying my time with family in Oregon, so I'm letting my friend Lauralee take over and do a post today. Get excited! Not only is she reminding us of the importance of being prepared for if when an emergency occurs, but she's also giving you amazing prices on products that will – literally – save your bacon in case of an emergency.

Thanks for the deals, Lauralee! Enjoy 🙂

Food Storage…Better ten years too early than one day too late

My dad is very passionate about emergency preparedness. Two years ago he started DFW Food Storage to service those in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas. They offer AMAZING prices for long-term food storage products and can give you rock-bottom prices through the power of “group buying”.
The great news for you is that I am expanding and bringing these AMAZING deals for these buckets to Utah! I will be putting together an order soon. With local pick up options in Sandy and Lehi.

These dehydrated food products provide for long-term food storage needs and have a 25-year shelf life!
These are the highest of quality food storage items for the lowest possible price. Serving start at just $.24 each! The emergency food is packaged and sealed into 5-gallon pails. They are filled with nitrogen gas and will last 25 years unopened. 
The food is also packaged in a convenient family-size presentation and delivers 5 servings of survival food per package for rice dishes, and approximately 12.5 servings for the vegetable and lentil soup foods.
The only catch is I have to sell 100 bucket before I can place the order. So spread the word!
Even better, the costs on the price list includes the entire cost of shipping, handling and taxes.
*if you are in an area outside of DFW or Salt Lake City we want to still be able to service your need for food storage and there is a small $10 fee added for shipping

In the event of an emergency your local grocery stores will be emptied out in a matter of a couple days. I experienced this first hand while visiting my family last February in Texas. They had a massive ice storm. Almost the whole city shut down. All business were closed. And the grocery store shelves were empty! The fact is, stores will be cleared out in a hurry in case of emergencies and we never know when or how these may hit our area. Are you prepared? We want to help!
If you have shopped around for retail food storage, you will recognize the wonderful price these buckets are. Most retail food storage companies charge around $2/serving for dehydrated food. Costco's price for a month supply for one person is $140. Some company's with similar products are 2-3 time the price of DFW Food Storage and they also charge a hefty shipping fee!
If you are interested in ordering dehydrated food buckets look at the order form and product description list
**If you live out of the area and are interested product delivery in your area, please let me know. There are nice perks for organizers too!**
Contact information:
Lauralee Altice
801.367.0926 cell
I am aiming to place an order for 100 buckets by April 28, 2012 keep in mind after an order has been placed it will take 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.
So be prepared and let me know what you think!
Thanks –