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Aaaah, that beloved grocery bill. Kicks you in the pants a bit, doesn't it? I get so many questions about grocery shopping. Putting it lightly…how much you spend on groceries can make or break you. If you go to the store several times per week, wander the aisles, tossing whatever sounds good in your cart…I hate to break it to you, but you're doing you and your family a disservice. It's certainly better than ordering takeout and I'm proud of you for cooking! But chances are you're paying way too much for groceries which doesn't do anyone (except the store) any favors, and you could save upwards of HALF on your grocery bill by changing a few simple things!

Because of all the grocery shopping questions lately, I decided to do a Facebook Live Q&A session about it. We covered so many topics! Not just how I grocery shop, but about reusing leftovers, how to make lettuce last, quick and simple meal ideas, how to freeze fruit, veggies, leftovers, and even cooked rice and pasta (oh yes you did hear me right!) and way more!

Here are all the questions and answers. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram so you can know when the next Live Q&A is! But for now, on to the questions:

Watch the video online, or click and watch below:

Here's a breakdown of the questions so you can skip around if needed:

  • (5:21) “How do you keep all your fruit from going bad?”
  • (6:40) TIP – You can freeze anything!
  • (7:52) “What is your plan when Walmart stops price matching?”
  • (8:36) TIP – Just go shopping once a week!
  • (9:11) TIP – Freezing fruits and veggies!
  • (11:15) “How do you defrost carrots without them being gross?”
  • (12:16) “Do you do some grocery shopping at Costco?”
  • (13:16) “What do you do with leftovers?”
  • (14:21) “Do berries go bad if you wash them all at once?
  • (15:16) “Do you have issues with Walmart price matching store brand sales?”
  • (15:57) “Did you get the Costco Visa?”
  • (16:10) “How much food do you plan to have in your emergency preparedness food storage?”
  • (16:50) “How big is your freezer?”
  • (19:00) TIP – Preserving lettuce!
  • (20:17) “Is there a difference in the quality of food from Walmart and Costco?”
  • (22:45) “When freezing meat, how long is it okay to keep frozen?”
  • (24:40) “How do you manage grocery shopping with kids?”
  • (25:58) “How do you keep strawberries from going bad so quickly?”
  • (26:10) “Lunch ideas for kids, and how many “meat” meals do you eat as a family each week?”

So, there you go!

Hopefully that was helpful. Again, by making simple changes to your grocery shopping you can save TONS on your grocery bill. If you want to know more about managing your grocery budget, how much to spend on groceries, and generic money management then be sure to get my Budget Boot Camp program. There are 27 super fun videos and 16 interactive “workouts” that walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know about getting out of debt, spending money on fun things in your life, grocery shopping, not fighting about money, and more! See a sample video and get more info HERE. Use the code FCFBLOG for an extra 10% off!

Do you have any other food questions for me? Leave a comment below, maybe we can answer your question for the next Ask Me Monday!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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