Happy Monday!
As I mentioned in THIS post, I was in Arizona for the last week for my brother's wedding. While it was fun to get away, it's always hard to come back to this….
The world's emptiest fridge.
(Well, empty for us, anyway!!)
As I explained on Instagram my fridge was basically full of condiments only!
“Honey, would you like just ketchup for dinner? Or mayo too?”
My fridge is always piled up with delicious, affordable goodness thanks to my method of grocery shopping (read all about that HERE). So it was a shock when we didn't even have tortillas to make quesadillas! Yikes!
Needless to say I sprinted to my nearby Neighborhood Walmart and got this…
…a huge HAUL of awesome groceries for a fraction of what they would cost full-price. 
Here's a better view:
 Yes, most of the food is healthy.
No, I didn't clip a single coupon.
No, I didn't spend hours upon hours.
Yes, the food is all edible – none of it was outdated or rotten or anything.
Dudes, that would be just gross.
I simply price-matched it! In a nutshell, I go to Deals To Meals (my favorite website) and print out my shopping list of all the best deals that week at all the stores in Utah (but they are nation-wide so you can choose the stores that are near YOU).
I take the list to Walmart, and simply price-match those prices! So I'm only going to ONE store but getting EVERY STORE's sale prices that week.
Genius, right?
Here are some closeups of the awesome deals I got this week:

  • 2-liters $0.59 (reg $.84)
  • Ketchup $0.79 (reg $1.00)
  • Powerades $0.49 (reg $.78)
  • Olives $0.99 (reg around $1.60 I believe, forgot to write that one down)
  • Oranges 5lbs for $1! (Reg $0.40 ea)
  • Cilantro $0.25 ea (reg $0.48 ea)

  • Milk $1.98 (reg $2.73)
  • Sara Lee bread $1.34 (reg $2.68)
  • Nature's Harvest bread $0.99 + an additional $.55 off because of a coupon attached to the loaf (reg $2.78)
  • French bread $0.69 (reg. $99) – got from the discount bread cart
  • Salsa $1.50 (reg $1.98)
  • Carrots $1 per bag (reg $1.18)
  • Red peppers $0.79 ea (reg $1.68 ea)
  • Corn on the cob $0.33 ea (reg $0.50)

  • Fuji apples $0.80/lb (reg $0.97)
  • Cantaloupes $1 ea (reg $2.25 ea)
  • Celery $0.50 (reg 1.78)
  • Green onions $0.33 (reg $1.24)
  • Iceburg and romain lettuce, .78 and .88 (reg 1.48 and 1.74)
  • zuccini squash $0.68/lb (reg $1.68)
  • Cottage cheese $1.88 (reg $3.18)
  • Daisy sour cream $0.67 (reg $1.28)
  • Canned beans $0.68 (reg $0.88)
  • Greek yogurt $0.94 (reg $1)
  • Canned veggies $0.59 (reg $0.75)
  • Blackberries $1.62 (reg $3.48)

  • Strawberries $0.99/lb (reg $1.98/lb)
  • Broccoli $0.69/lb (reg $0.98/lb)
  • Cases of water $1.99 (reg $4.48)
And I'm sure there's more in there that I forgot to mention.
So as you can see, I got almost all healthy stuff, and got it ALL for much less than full-price…less than 1/2 price in many cases!
So, now that I have the groceries, what the heck do I do with all of them?
DON'T WASTE ANY. I plan my meals 100% around the items on sale that week. I didn't buy any meat this time because I stocked up on meat last time and I have plenty in my freezer. The neat thing about Deals to meals is that she gives you full meal plans for every day of the week that helps you use up what's on sale!
So awesome.
Once again, click HERE for full details on how I do this, click HERE for some ideas on how to make that food stretch longer, and click HERE for all the ways I creatively freeze things.
 Happy shopping!