Christmas is coming. We all have debt. We all want to travel. We could all use more money in our savings accounts. Just imagine what you could do with $500.

Ok, now wipe away the drool and check this out…

Our friends at Jordan Credit Union here in Utah are giving $500 for opening a car loan with them on November 22. It can be a new loan (anyone currently car-shopping??) or you can refinance your existing loan! If you come to them with two loans? Guess what…$1000 big ones.

I know, right??


Utah residents just go to their site, print off the coupon, and bring it in with you to a JCU location. Just be sure to read the checklist of things to have ready to refinance your loan on the 22nd.

Jordan Credit Union offers auto loans as low as 2.70% APR / OAC*. If you are currently paying a rate higher than 2.50% for your auto loan…this deal is well worth your time.


Think about this guys…

This kind of money is literally life-changing – especially this time of year. This type of thing is EXACTLY what I teach in my F.A.C.T's – T = Take Advantage. Sure, this might take you a few steps. Sure, you might need to give up some of your Friday. But for $500 or $1000?? Think of how many hours you would have to work to earn that kind of money, and tell me if it's not worth at least a try.

I have people all day long who say “I would do anything to be in a better financial situation” and “I'm just so tired of just getting by…”. This would be a miracle and blessing to many of you! Please don't disregard this opportunity. And believe me, I am saying this 100% out of my desire to help you – I am not being forced to say this in any way shape or form.

My advice? GO. Get two loans if you can. Put the money toward debt first, savings second, or use some of it toward Christmas third. Be smart about how you use it, and look at this as a miracle from the money-gods this time of year. Good luck, I hope many of you can take advantage of this!!!!



Important things you need to know:

  • The loan amount(s) need to be greater than or equal to $10,000. You must sign an agreement that you will not refinance or pay off your JCU loan for at least one year. If you do pay it off, or refinance within a year, the $500 will be added back into the principle balance of the loan.
  • To be a member of Jordan Credit Union: As a credit union, there are certain membership criteria you must meet in order to join Jordan Credit Union. If you live, work, worship, go to school, or volunteer for a organization in Salt Lake County you are eligible to join. Or, if you have immediate family that are members of Jordan Credit Union, you are also eligible to join.
  • All members are required to have a $25 minimum deposit in their savings account at all times in order to maintain membership in the credit union.
  • *The loan approval and interest rate is based on approved credit. Annual percentage rate. You can not refinance an existing Jordan Credit Union loan for this offer. The loan must be opened at a Jordan Credit Union location. No recreational vehicles (motorcycles, boats, trailers, etc.).
  • *On approved credit. Annual percentage rate. This offer is only valid on November 22, 2013. Member must open the loan, or be pre-approved for a loan on November 22, 2013 in order to be eligible for the cash back offer. The $500 will be given once the loan has officially been opened. Loan pre-approvals must be opened within 30 days of November 22, 2013 to qualify. Member must keep loan open for at least one year, or the $500 will be reapplied to the principle balance of the loan. No JCU refinances. Loan must close at a Jordan Credit Union branch. No indirect loans. No recreational vehicles (trailers, motorcycles, boats, etc.).

Good luck, and enjoy all that new money!!!!

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