How I got $475 worth of clothes for $77! Great Summer clearance deals going on right now.

As I mentioned in this post, one of the best ways to save money with back-to-school shopping (and all shopping in general, actually) is to buy off-season. RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to buy Summer items on clearance.

Case and point?
Someone told me about Ruum the other day, so I checked out their clearance…and stocked up BIG TIME! They have clearance starting at $2.99, but actually, I got items as low as $1.99 (see below).

The sizes are a little limited and picked over, but I still managed to find some killer deals on polo shirts, shoes, and t-shirts for my toddlers.
Check this out…
Here's what only part of my receipt looked like! If you look at the red arrow in the middle of the receipt below, I got some sandals that were $30…for $2!!
see them HERE
You better believe I bought them in every color and size possible.
Here are the ways I saved:
  • (The top arrow shows this point.) My parents live in Oregon, where there is no sales tax. We are headed to Oregon for a week pretty soon, and I have to pack super light. I shipped the items to my folks' house…and it didn't charge me sales tax! So I not only save about $10 in tax, but now I have clothes waiting for my kids when I get there to help lighten the load! My mom is headed back to Utah with me after my trip, so she can pack the new stuff in her suitcase coming home. Fate, I'm telling you.
    • Update: Oops! A reader just told me that this is a no-no, that because I live in Utah the clothes are technically “consumed” in Utah! Soooo good to know, so DON'T take my advice on this one!
  • They had a “take an extra 30% off clearance” sale going (I think it ended though 🙁 sorry), so it took $30 off my $113 total.

So between the free $7 shipping, the $10 sales tax, and the $30 discount…

I only paid $77.47 for $475.40 worth of clothes.
That's right folks, not kidding. I did the math twice, just to be sure.
Definitely going to bed with a smile on my face tonight…
The best part? I didn't need to go grocery shopping this week, so the $77 fit perfectly within my weekly budget!
I know the 30% sale is gone, so just in case this helps, here are some of the sales they have going on right now:

Just remember…
Those $2 clothes I bought? They will look and act just the same as the kids whose moms paid the full $30 for them. My kids' clothes will be no less cute, functional, or trendy. If you are paying full-price for anything, you are a fool! (Harsh? Sorry, but kinda true. But I still love you!) I was able to get 33 items for what some moms paid for only 2 or 3 items. This is proof that if you're patient, it pays off!

Happy shopping!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I don't have any children, but I've been trying to take these principles to my own shopping habits. I live in Utah as well, and I've found so many killer deals at local thrift stores and the DI (I think DI's in Utah are nicer because there are more people willing to donate nice things). For example, I just picked up a brand new Calvin Klein winter coat that retails for over $300… for $10. Same with a J. Crew down coat for $5. I'll stay warm this winter for less than $20! Learning to be patient and keep my eyes open for the best deals has saved me so much money. Thanks Jordan!

  2. Yes and no. Some of the things like T-shirts that they can still use right now and into the fall I bought in their current size. Otherwise I stocked up for next year too. But right now being 3T and 4T they don't grow out of those sizes nearly as fast. So my son is on his second year of 3T so even the current stuff is also future stuff…if that makes sense!

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