Once a year I stock up BIG TIME on canned goods. They are nice to have around for cooking, as well as being prepared and building up your food storage. There are tons of case lot sales going on at all the stores this week, so it's a PERFECT time to take the best prices from each store and price-match them at Walmart! (full explanation on how I shop for cheap HERE.)

Here's how I did last night:

I went to deals-to-meals, added the best deals to my shopping list (about 5 mins prep time), printed it out, and went shopping! I prefer Neighborhood Walmarts to Super Walmarts. They are amazing about price-matching, the lines aren't nearly as long, and the employees at the neighborhood Walmart by me are seriously the nicest people ever.

I normally write the price-matched price on blank yard sale stickers and stick them on the items to make it easier, but I had both kids with me…so it was a bit more of a challenge this time 🙂
Here's the back view of my stash.

Let me break down some of my deals:

I stocked up on meet (I have a deep freezer).

  • I got a few different kinds of roast, regularly $3.98 and $3.77/lb. I price-matched them for $2.87 and $2.99/lb!
  • I also got some boneless thin chops, regularly $4.28, matched for $2.27.
  • I got cottage cheese for $.99, regularly around $2.

I will keep one in the fridge for my kids to eat, will use one for stuffed shells this week for dinner, and will freeze the other two. Yes, you can freeze cottage cheese! I wouldn't recommend eating it plain once it's been frozen because the texture is slightly different, but it's perfect for anything where you cook the cottage cheese into a mixture (like lasagna).

  • I got boxes of pasta for $1
  • And got Suave shampoo/conditioner for $0.88. Perfect for guest bathrooms and food storage.

I stocked up on TONS of canned food, all ended up being $.50 each! I got…

  • Black beans
  • Kidney beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Green chilies
  • Corn (I was almost out)
  • I got 1lb bags of whole carrots for $0.33 each.

I plan to make chicken pot pie and a chicken soup this week since cream of chicken was on sale.

If you don't end up using all your carrots before they start going bad, peel them, dice them, and freeze them! Use them for soups, stir fries, casseroles, pot pies, etc. Yes, you can freeze carrots. Haven't you ever purchased frozen veggies before? Guess where they came from? Yup, whole carrots.

As I mentioned, I stocked up on ALL my cream soups. They are a must-have for crockpot cooking. And I know they are known as a really unhealthy way to cook, but I bought all fat-free cream soups, and they are making them better and better now days. Everything in moderation!

  • The chicken soup was regularly $1.25, I matched them for $0.50!
  • All the other cream soups I also matched for $0.50, regularly $0.89
  • I also got celery for my pot pies and chicken soup for $0.25,
  • And got Hunt's pasta sauce for $0.88.
  • I got Nalley's chili for $0.89, regularly over $1 each.
  • I got canned mushrooms for cooking for $0.50 each,
  • And huge cans of refried beans for $1, regularly around $1.40.

Walmart was out of the regular-sized cans of refried beans, otherwise I would've gotten those. You can price-match them for $.50 this week…that's the best deal I've seen in MONTHS! Stock up!!! Remember to add refried beans to your taco meat to stretch it farther.

I put a few of the pork chops in a freezer ziplock and put them in the freezer, I plan to use them in a few days. The rest of the meat I sealed with my nifty food sealer. Man, I love having that thing…

I always put the date, the kind of meat, and the weight of the meat on the package. You think you'll remember, but trust me…you won't 🙂
I have a sheet of paper on the outside of my deep freezer where I keep tabs on what I'm putting in and taking out of the freezer, so I always know my inventory. I highly recommend this! Thus, I added the meat to my list of things and put them in my deep freezer to use in the future.
See how easy and amazing that all was? Now I have a year supply of canned goods for HALF the price, with very little prep time.
Happy shopping!
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