Discount Disneyland Tickets + HUGE Disney Ebook sale!

FREEBS! Big news! You may or may not know that we are surprising our kids with a trip to Disneyland next week. We have been planning this trip for a year now, and we are so excited it's finally here! With Disney on the brain, I HAD to share an amazing Disneyland sale with you! It's not easy to get discount Disneyland tickets, so HURRY and take advantage of this before it's too late!

I recently got back from my Freebs Group Cruise (recap coming soon). We had so much fun, and I couldn't have done it without the help of  Get Away Today! They are my go-to travel agency. As explained in my 4 Secrets to affordable travel post, one of my best tips is to use a travel agency to help you plan your vacations, which has saved us THOUSANDS over the years.

Right now, Get Away Today is having a HUGE ticket sale on the Disneyland 3-day Park Hopper tickets for 2017 travel!

Here are all the details on this Disneyland ticket sale:

  • $20 off adult and $10 off child (ages 3-9) gate prices for 3-Day Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets. This is the biggest sale they have had all year!
  • Must be purchased seven days in advance, because physical tickets will be sent.
  • Tickets must be purchased by Wednesday November 8, 2017 for travel now through December 31, 2017. They extended the sale until November 18th! The Holidays are AMAZING and there are so many new things this year!
  • Prices are already discounted to reflect $20 and $10 savings.
  • Tickets include Get Away Today coupons for Anaheim area – up to $400 in savings.
  • You can save an additional $10 off your package, when you purchase tickets and a hotel together. Use the code ‘FREEBS‘  get the additional discount!
  • Tickets can be booked online or over the phone at 855-GET-AWAY. If you call, be sure to tell them FCF sent you, to get the deal.

I cannot stress enough the importance of taking advantage of this deal if you are already planning on going to Disneyland this year!

Aside from discount tickets, if you are planning on Disney-ing any time in the near future, you NEED my Ultimate guide to Disneyland on the Cheap ebook!

Oh my gosh the BEST DISNEY GUIDE EVER!!!! 57 pages of EVERYTHING you'd ever need!

The most inclusive, thorough, helpful, unbiased Disneyland Guide/Ultimate Disneyland Ebook you will ever read!

This book retails for $9.99

Not only does this Ebook contain 57 pages of the very best tips, tricks, and hacks from Disney experts, Disney cast members, you Freebs and ultimate Disney fans!

And again, don't forget tickets must be purchased by Wednesday November 8, 2017.  They just extended the sale until November 18th! Might just make for the best Christmas gift ever.

Happy Disney-ing, Freebs!




  1. AvatarChandra says

    We live on the east coast so I’m wondering if this book would be helpful for Disneyworld too or just specifically Disneyland?

  2. AvatarJudi L Smith says

    We go to disney world every year. Our local grocery store has gift cards that you can buy for the disney store . I buy them there , i get money off my gas if i buy them . I go to the disney store and buy 1 ticket a month. Until we have all of them. We always stay at disney hotels , they are alittle more but you get so much if you stay there. You get in parks before everyone else. And there is no other hotels that have the service that tbey do.

  3. AvatarKristina Gilmore says

    One of our goals this year is to make it to Disneyland and use all your great tips and tricks! Thanks for being the best! 🙂

  4. AvatarKasey Rigdon says

    Taking our kids to Disneyland soon so this has been so helpful! I really want to stay in those condos! They seems like a dream place to stay!

  5. AvatarKassandra Miller says

    I love disney and love the deals and offer that getawaytoday offers. I will forever use them for all trip needs. I also love and appricate your book. Thank you. Currently reading it before my disneyland trip to make sure I havnt missed anything.

  6. AvatarAngFranc says

    Our first big Disney trip wasn’t the best! Not gonna lie – really don’t want to go back BUT i’m being open-minded & we’ll give it another go in the next few years…appreciate the tips you share!

  7. AvatarMichelle Animas says

    Thank you for taking the time to write this!!! My dream is to get out of debt, get into a house and take my family of 5 to Disneyland!! I’m the only one who’s ever been, and it was not cheap!!! Thank you for the tips ❤❤❤❤

  8. AvatarKatie says

    We used your tricks on saving up for a trip and we’re headed to Disneyland this fall. I also was able to snag your book when it was free once upon a time (Thank you). When you announced that the prices were going up I quickly jumped on and bought our tickets also thanks for the tip!

  9. AvatarKassie says

    I love Disneyland and your Ebook was AMAZING!!! So many great tips! I loved how you even included traveling tips and what to bring! You thought of everything! Loved it! ❤️

  10. AvatarCeleste says

    How would you justify buying a year pass? I’ll be moving to SoCal in about a year and coming from Indiana I want to go to Disney all the time since I’ll be so close but I’m not sure I would want to spend all that money for two yearly passes.. even with a military discount.

  11. AvatarLaura E Laven says

    I live in Florida so I am lucky enough to be able to use Florida Resident discount offers that spring up every now and then. This year they offered 4 days for $189. I purchased my ticket giftcards at Target so that I could use my redcard to 5%, which saved me about $10 a ticket. My other trick is to rent an a place to stay with a kitchen. I save money by being able to cook breakfast and making a crockpot meal dinner. We also pack snacks and lunch items and only buy the necessary themed snacks (like Dole whips).

  12. AvatarJeanna says

    I love Disneyland and bought this book a few months ago… I’m so excited to go and use this new knowledge and hacks!

  13. AvatarHolly Baldwin says

    Hey Jordan! Thank you for creating this eBook! I bought it and read it and last month my family used your tips and had the best time at Disneyland! It was our first trip there ever! We used Get Away Today just like you suggested and I’m so glad we did! Thank you for your advice. It made a huge difference!

  14. AvatarSydney says

    I have dreeeeaaams of getting my family to Disneyland someday! I have a bunch of tricks logged from your last trip of instagram stories and will definitely be getting your ebook when i get there!

  15. AvatarJulie says

    We are going to Disneyland in May! We’re taking our 2 year old and 6 month old. Any advice on taking babies to Disneyland?

  16. AvatarShae Stanger says

    I got the ebook and am so excited to read all the tips! I love Disneyland and wish we could go more – thanks for the help and tips to make that happen .

  17. AvatarSarah Davidson says

    I’m so excited to say I can officially go back to Disney with your help sooner than I ever expect was possible! I can’t thank you enough!

  18. AvatarBreanna Zitzelberger says

    I downloaded the e-book and can’t wait to use all your tips and tricks. We are hopefully going in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

  19. AvatarHeather Taylor says

    I loved getting your ebook when you were giving it away and I love how real you are in it and for all the live and work you put into it! Seeing your family go to Disney made me want to take my family!

  20. AvatarAndra Cefalo says

    Hi Jordan. I know I purchased this ebook but cannot figure out how it would have come. I cannot find it. I am willing to repurchase it but trying to see if I can find it first. Thank you.

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