I did some grocery shopping the other night and thought I'd share some of my great price-matching deals that I took advantage of this week!
(For an explanation on how I got these great deals, see HERE.)
I paid $77.45 for these groceries, when I regularly would have paid $145.38
…without clipping any coupons…taking only 5-10 minutes to prepare for the trip. I LOVE THAT!
Let's break down my deals:
I got bananas for $0.33, regularly $0.52
Yellow onions $0.25, regularly $0.88
Green onions, $0.25 each, regularly $1.24
Celery $0.33 ea, regularly $1.18
Whole carrots $0.33, regularly $0.58
Cucumbers $0.16 each, regularly $0.72
Red leaf and romaine lettuce $0.89 ea, regularly $1.38 and $1.42
 Nectarines $0.50/lb, regularly $1.98/lb
Limes $0.10, regularly $0.28
Tomatoes $0.50/lb, regularly $1.34/lb
Cilantro $0.16 ea, regularly $0.48 ea
Fuji apples $0.69/lb, regularly $0.87/lb
I couldn't find Fuji apples, but these looked like them and were the only ones that had no marks or tags saying what kind they were. When I went to check out I asked, “are these Fuji apples?” she said no, so I said, “ok never mind, you can put them back. Sorry about that.” But she said, “we're really laid back around here about price-matching so it's no problem, I'll still match them for you.” so I got them anyway! Remember, each Walmart and even each checker is a little different, so be open and honest, and don't be afraid to ask about anything!
 Cottage cheese 16oz for $0.84, regularly $1.72
The ad was for 16oz container of cottage cheese, WF brand (western family). Walmart doesn't carry WF but they will match store-brand to store-brand…however, they didn't have 16oz containers of the GV (walmart brand) cottage cheese. So I said to the checker, “the ad-match price is for 16 oz but you don't have it. This is 24 oz, can I do this, or no?” She said, “yup, no problem!” so she counted each container as 1.5 price-matched containers.
Honeydew melons $1.50 ea, regularly $2.88
Dressing, 30oz for $1.98, regularly $3.32
The ad price was for 30oz but they only had 16oz containers. She said it was fine, so we just counted 2 containers = $1.98, so each bottle ended up being $0.99.
Mayo 30oz for $1.98, regularly $2.92
Geisha tuna 5oz for $0.59. They didn't have Geisha brand so I didn't actually buy this, but just wanted to illustrate the good deal. Even the GV brand is $1.28 so a name brand like Geisha at $0.59 is amazing!
Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.29/lb, regularly $1.97
Boneless petite sirloin steaks $2.99/lb, regularly $4.88
I also got boneless country style ribs for $1.38/lb, regularly $2.58/lb but I didn't get a picture because the stocker guys were in the way 🙂
This trip I didn't have my regular purse with me, so I didn't have blank stickers to write the price-match price on so I could stick it on the items for easy check out. So what I do instead is circle the items I end up buying so at checkout I can find the price-match price easily.
So there you have it! Great deals, eh? P.s….no, my dog isn't dead, he's just a bit lazy 🙂
I got almost all produce, and didn't have to clip a single coupon.
So there you go! Take advantage of this week's good deals while you can and enjoy lots of great food.
I know Walmart may not have the best food in the world, but for me, I've decided that I will buy most of my food there because it saves my family so much money that it's worth it. I buy my nice meats (like Christmas ham for example) from Costco, but for my every day groceries, Walmart does pretty well.
Happy shopping!
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