I've made out like a bandit lately when it comes to frugal fashion and beauty! I'm going to try to be better at sharing things like this with you, in case it makes any of you as giddy as me to take advantage of such fun things.

I've been shopping like crazy on Zulily lately. No, they aren't a sponsor of mine – never have been. It's just that they really do have great deals on things sometimes. Just be aware that there are no returns or exchanges which stinks (so I stick to shoes and accessories mostly).

I got these great fashion items recently:
  •  How fun are the chevron and pleather/studded leggings? They are on sale RIGHT NOW for $8.99. Just search “SHOSHO FASHION“. 
  • The aviator glasses are a new favorite. They are Steve Madden, and Zulily had them for around $16. Unfortunately they're gone now, but keep your eyes peeled.
  • The running shorts are a favorite because of the spandex built in underneath. These were only $6/pair, so I bought them in a few different colors.
  • The bag and jacket were each around $25 I think.

As for shoes I've recently bought…For the love of shoes, how cute are these?!

Everything you see below was less than $30. Yes, even the boots.

Many of these are still on sale RIGHT NOW. Search “Nature Breeze”, “Liliana Footwear”, “Reneeze” to start.
Now, you MUST remember to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the system, people! For every person you refer you get $20 when they make their first purchase. That adds up! I save up my credit and go on a shopping spree when I see sales on things I love…um…like boots and cute camel-colored anythings.
And, of course, fun stuff for my kids too:
  • Games for the kids
  • Boots and dance tights for Priya
  • The personalized stamp isn't for my kids, but I didn't know where to put it ๐Ÿ™‚ They had SO MANY styles to choose from. Just search “2712 Designs”. Not the best deal though, but I had credit and have always wanted one. It's all about balance- if it fits within your budget, go for it…just know that you might be giving up something in exchange.

Now, I understand you might not get as many referral credits as I do due to sheer volume of people who see my blog. However, before blogging I would just email family and friends and I'd get $20 here and there so there's no excuse! Every little bit helps.

As I showed on Instagram, I got eyelash extensions on Saturday!

I told her I wanted them to look like my eyes normally do with mascara on. I think she nailed it!
Now, I'm normally not a big advocate of things like this because mascara does a fine job if you use my sneaky tricks and it's a big money-waster. But I saved up for it and my hair dresser offered a great deal, so I think treating yourself to something fun once in a while never hurts.
  • Her special right now is $100 for 1 set + 2 fills (great deal)
  • Plus get a free fill for every person you refer
  • She also does cuts/colors for $55. And yes, she works in a salon, and yes she does an amazing job (and has been doing eyelashes for 4 years). Check out the family pic we just took tonight. My hair (done Saturday) speaks for itself:
P.S…how cute is my little family?
Oh, and these pics were super duper affordable too. More on that soon.
Anyway, her name is Katie Love, she's in Sugarhouse, UT, and she's amazing. Text her…and be sure to tell her Jordan sent you ๐Ÿ˜‰  801-657-2596

So there you go! Some of the fun deals I've taken advantage of. And again, NO, none of this was sponsored! I just want you guys to see that you can be frugal and fashionable at the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Wednesday!