Great deal on diaper bags!

K, guys, sorry to post another random deal but I'm excited about this one. 
With the impending arrival of baby #3 in just a few weeks, I've had to keep my eyes peeled for good deals on a few things I need.
One of which, is a diaper bag.
(Is it too hard to ask to find a cute, durable, practical one that doesn't cost a million dollars?!)
I finally ordered one… ok fine two… off of Zulily today and thought I'd share in case it helps any of you, too!
(Note: the location keeps changing on their website. So just click HERE, and search Kalencom [the diaper bag brand] or click on “Best Sellers” or “Last Day” to find them. Sale ends Jan 12 or 13 I believe, so better hurry!)

Here are the two bags I got:

Each are around $29, regularly $80+
(this one was actually $27.99…)
To explain why I got two…
I haven't really had a diaper bag before (and yes, this is my 3rd child) and I had enough store credit built up from referring friends that I got them for free! Yippee! 
(Sign up, make a purchase, and you get $20 for every friend you refer that makes their 1st purchase using your link. Might as well, right?!)
The printed bag is quite a bit smaller than the other (though it doesn't look it in the pics) so it's nice to have a variety of options, right? 🙂
Just for the record, I also really like these…


So many bags, so little time…

Remember THIS awesome deal on boots that I took advantage of recently? They have good stuff over there, I'm telling you!

So there you go. If you or anyone you know is looking for diaper bags, you can get them for about 1/2 off for the next 2 days on Zulily. Happy shopping!


  1. Really awesome deal on diaper bags! I need one for my girlfriend in her birthday. And I'm sure she will be very happy for get this as well. Thanks the head up and keep posting like this!!!!!!!!

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