I'm sure this product was bound to get posted in My Favorite Things section eventually. I bought a few of these almost 2 years ago and LOVE THEM. I'm buying more today, actually, because we lost ours and I'm MISERABLE without it. My son loves to throw his cups 🙂

Nini Bungee's 

Our mission at NiNi is to solve many of the everyday problems facing parents of young children. As parents ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of durable, cool, functional, and quality products, especially when it comes to what we value the most – our children. We’re very proud of our first product, the Toy Bungee™. And now we have added two new complementary products to round up the NiNi family. In addition to Toy Bungee, our Paci Bungee™ and Crayon Bungee™ add a whole new dimension to the concept of chic, functional, easy-to-clean and affordable products to help make today’s busy mom and dad’s life just a little easier.