Ok, I know we're all a little shopped-out after Christmas…but I had to share this killer deal.
I got some cash for Christmas and really need want new boots. 
I checked out Zulily (a great daily deal site that has surprisingly cute stuff) and they have a GAZILLION amazing boots right now. (Plus, if you place one order, you get free shipping for the rest of the day. More below…)
Check out what I just ordered:
I've been on the hunt for durable flats because I'm sick of wet feet in the winter here in Utah. I just about died when I saw these cute shoes by Duck Head and nabbed me a brown and yellow pair. 
The flats? Only $14! (reg $35)
 And, of course I had to get these Duck Head boots too. Why?
Are you ready? Are you sitting down?
They are only $29.00
Not even kidding.
 Click HERE, then go to “new today” and scroll down to the Women & Maternity section, you'll find the Duck Head shoes there.

I ordered 1 pair ($7 shipping) then went back and did a 2nd order with the other two shoes, which gave me free shipping. As long as you place 1 order, you can order as many other things as you want until Midnight for free shipping. Woo hoo!

They have a TON of boots right now (click HERE, then go to “last day” tab), but today is the last day of the sale. For all you with small feet, there are tons of sizes left. Us with size 10/11+ have slimmer pickings, but when you can get boots for as low as $20, who cares?! 
These are only $32.99
 …and these are only $25!
Just be aware, there are NO RETURNS to Zulily so shop carefully and don't go too crazy. But I will say, I bought my favorite pair of boots from Zulily last year for $25 (seen in the pic below)…
…and have absolutely loved them. They ended up being the perfect fit. So just measure carefully.
Check it all out HERE. Happy shopping!