I'm enjoying family time here in NorCal. I've especially enjoyed hanging out with my adorable 8 year old niece…who quickly informed me after only about 30 seconds of being in her house, that “loom bands” or “rainbow bands” or “wacky loom” or whatever you call them, are THE. THING. (Like, duh.) I had never heard of these things before 3 hours ago, but now I know they're a “big deal” and perfect for Christmas gifts for anyone over the age of 6 and under the age of “old”. So I thought I'd pop in and share quickly and share the deal I found!

When my niece went to bed I shot to my computer, looking for a good deal on some for her birthday. Low and behold, my good ol' friend Zulily delivered:



They have all sorts of bands and a starter kit thingie, but it's on their last-chance page so I'm guessing you need to hurry!

They even have a cool organization case for $7.99.


I bought her 2100 bands for $12.99, and got her some scented ones too just for the heck of it.


Now, I'm not pro enough at the whole band-loom-stuff to know if this is a better deal than your local store, but it's a good deal compared to what I found online. But just remember, if you buy a good deal on Zulily you can share it on Facebook or email your friends, and you get $20 for every person who signs up and buys their first purchase – so even one referral could pay for your purchase, so that's gotta be worth something.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my loom-ing. Thing.

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