I've been asked lots before about baby food. I try to make my own whenever possible (because it's the easiest thing ever and is a good way to use up produce). But when buying food, I prefer to buy the jarred baby food from Walmart, usually the Beechnut brand (because if you get on their mailing list you get killer coupons). HOWEVER…
They are not always great for on-the-go. I LOVE pouch baby food for that reason. I always leave a few in my purse or car, they come in handy with your little one.
On Zulily they have a sale going on some baby food pouches, so thought I'd pass it along. At 30% off it's much better than paying full-price!!


My little guy is only 2.5 months old and isn't eating baby food just yet, but I nabbed a few boxes anyway because he'll be eating them soon enough. I was able to get them free using referral credits I've saved up. Refer your friends to Zulily and you can get some too! (Always a perk)

P.S…no, I'm not paid to promote this! I use Zulily simply because I love getting a good deal on things I would buy anyway so I thought I'd pass along a good deal that I am personally taking advantage of. Thanks for using my links when buying, referral links such as these really help me be able to keep this blog running by building up my credit – and you can do the same thing! Create your own referral link and spread the word like crazy. 🙂