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Have you noticed yet that I love Deals To Meals??

Using Deals To Meals, I price-matched and deal-shopped some amazing groceries this week (see how I grocery shop HERE). 
(Yes, you can shop without D2M, but they make it sooooooo much easier.)
I had lots of people at my house this week (more on that later today) so I needed LOTS. O. FOOD. A few amazing deals I got last week:
Avocados, 5 for $1 (usually around $0.90 each)
Strawberries $0.99 for 1lb (usually around $2.50/lb)
Super lean ground beef $1.99/lb (usually $4.50+/lb!)
Cream cheese $1 for 16oz (Regularly upwords of $2 ea). 
I grabbed a bunch of fun flavors of cream cheese like strawberry, chive and onion, and honey nut so my guests could have delicious flavors with their bagels for breakfast.
Those were just a few deals I took advantage of. It was SO EASY for me to save 1/2 on my grocery trip. Here's how:
  • I woke up early (I had absolutely NO groceries in my fridge because I had been gone for a week), 
  • ran to my computer, 
  • took 4 or 5 minutes scanning through her list of groceries (you can sort them by the best deals to make your searching easier)
  • added the groceries I wanted to my shopping list,
  • printed it off, 
  • ran to the little neighborhood Wal Mart down the street, 
  • did some speed shopping, 
  • and simply read off the better prices off to the cashier as I checked out.
It was so easy and I saved more than HALF on my total bill! BOOOOOO YAAAAAAA.
Oh yeah, did I mention their membership is only $5/month? She also has full weekly meal plans to help you use up the good deals that you stock up on that week.
I know I sing the praises of D2M all the time and you are all probably sick of it. But I can't help it. I am not in any way involved in their company, I just think it's genius what they do, and it's made my life so much easier!
So check out their site, check out my giveaway on their site, and happy shopping!

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