power of moms radio

Last October (2014) I was asked to be interviewed on my favorite podcast, Power of Moms Radio, talking about simple ways to get a handle on your finances. I recently got an email saying my podcast was one of the top podcasts of the year! woo hoo!

Power of moms radio podcasts

I don't think I ever shared it with you guys (sorry!) so I thought I'd do so now! Podcasts are nice because you can listen to them while driving, doing dishes, getting ready in the morning, running, anywhere, really. So check out my podcast interview with April from Power of Moms, and get snippets of some of my best tips.

Insecure disclaimer: I'm actually slightly embarrassed by this interview. I've done loads of TV interviews, but this was my first podcast interview. I didn't think about the fact that you could hear me taking notes on my computer (sorry for the clicking!), and I definitely ramble a bit (which is in my nature if you can't tell) because I didn't have a producer in my ear telling me to hurry up. Ha! So forgive me for being a novice, see through the beginner's mistakes, and enjoy the info and tips.

That being said, enjoy!

Listen to the podcast HERE

Thanks for listening, and have a great Thursday!