GENDER REVEAL! Page Baby #5 is a…

Page Baby #5 Gender Reveal!

You all have waited SO patiently for this GENDER REVEAL, I won't make you wait any longer! I hope you enjoy this video I did for Millennial Moms (where I do new videos every Wednesday) showing the gender of Page Baby #5, due early May!

Unfortunately Priya had to miss it because she has morning school. So even though the boys found out in the doctor's office, they kept it a secret until she came home (and changed outfits 3 times), and we were able to surprise her. What's your guess?!

Watch the video online or click and watch below…and enjoy!

EXCITING, right?!

So this baby is the tie-breaker. So excited for more bows, ribbons, and cute clothes! Thank goodness the baby is healthy and growing well which is the most important part…but it really is so fun to find out the gender. Thanks in advance for all the congrats and support, you guys are amazing. Here's to a house full of little crazy Page's! Follow my pregnancy journey on my personal instagram, @jordanfpage.




  1. AvatarValerie says

    So I just found you from millennial moms and you are great! I myself have 6 kiddies!!! 9yo-3wks! We just evened out at 3G and 3B. My question for you is how do you and your husband deal with being the “nutty people” who have a “ton” of kids. What do you say when people tell you the much loved…”you have your hands full!” Or ” do you know what causes that?” And “are you done yet?” We actually came up with some clever responses but it still takes the wind out of your sail! Just thought I would ask…you make having a bunch of kids look so cool!!! ;0)

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh boy it’s so hard, right?? I feel like I have to constantly defend myself, or if I’m flustered, people look at me and probably think “you did it to yourself, honey.” Which is true. But I just shrug it off for people I don’t know. For people I do, I am honest with them about how my family isn’t really close, and it makes me feel lonely so I wanted nothing more than a big family and am so in love with it. I also blame God (in a good way) explaining that I’m just doing what I feel like I should be doing. Usually shuts them up pretty good 🙂

  2. AvatarAi says


    I’m 22 wks right now and we are having our first baby, a little boy! I’m a first time mom and everything is so exciting and scary at the same time. Thanks for sharing the video, it let’s me know I can involve my entire family and really be close to them regardless of the life changes that are ahead.

    Take care!

  3. AvatarBuffy says

    I was right! I had 2 and 2 and then had a girl! That’s why I guessed girl! Then #6 was a girl too! I love having these 3 little girls at the end! Now that my oldest 2 are heading off on missions only a few months apart I am loving that I’ve still got some at home to cheer me up! Big families are the best!

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