Fun Back-to-School Tradition!

Hutch (my 3yo) had his first day of (pre)school on Tuesday. I decided at the LAST minute (literally) to start a fun tradition that I wanted to share!
Note: Now, I know school has started for most of you. But I believe it's NEVER too late to start a tradition in my book! Heck, even if you're 1 month into school, I think it's worth it.

Our new tradition:
 Every year on the 1st day of school Hutch will wear this shirt. Then, we will take his final picture of him wearing it on his graduation day. My plan is to have a big photo wall for each of my kids, and hang the pictures in order so we can see the progression over the next 15 years!
I know, right??
And then, of course, we will take the ever-so-popular normal first day of school pic.
Er…did I say normal?
Like mother like son.
And, of course, one of the monkey backpack.
(Which I got on clearance for $3 several years ago, just for the record. high five.)
Then, of course, Priya had to pose too.
Work it, girl.
Oh and yes, just for the record, she prefers “being nudie” so yes, she rode like that to school like that. Classy kinda.

I originally got this idea from Pinterest (THIS pin, specifically). To pull this cuteness off, I bought a $4 plain T-Shirt (size L…I have no idea how big he will be) from Joann Fabrics. I used a 40% off coupon. I bought some iron-on transfers from Walmart. I simply printed the text in Word, printed it on my computer, ironed it on, and good to go! 
Super easy.
Super fun.
Super proud of myself because I normally do nothing like this.
Fist bump.

Can I get a holla'!



  1. AvatarKelly-lee says

    Woot woot! First comment on this post! I am cheating being in a different timezone! Your kids are so darling, and Priya cracks me up. Every. Single. Time. That is a great tradition to start. Hope you have a lot of wall space to spare!
    $3 backpack = Score!! 🙂

  2. AvatarKate says

    This is totally cute. My 2 year old daughter is also mostly naked all day long, with crazy curly hair we cant control just like your daughter! Love it! (: ~Kate

  3. AvatarAmy says

    Your kids are adorable!!! I love that you let her ride in the car nudie!! My 2.5 year old would wear mine and my husbands t-shirts all day if we let her!


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