20+ Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas on a Budget

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Think you have to spend a wad of cash to have a rockin' bachelorette party? Think again! These fun bachelorette party ideas will keep you right on budget without skimping on the fun!

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These fun bachelorette party ideas will not disappoint, whether it's your big night or you're celebrating a friend! Instead of spending a fortune going out, we'll show you how to use your resources and throw a party nobody will forget… without costing a fortune!

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Whether you're a glam gal who loves a good spa day, or you're more of an outdoorsy girl, we've got some fun bachelorette party ideas for everyone to enjoy. From all-day themes to games and even yummy food and drink options, we're sharing it all! Keep on reading for everything you need to know!


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These fun bachelorette party ideas may be budget-friendly, but they sure aren't lacking in a good time!

  • Home Spa Day – Who needs to go to a pricey spa when you can bring the spa to you for a fraction of the cost? Grab an assortment of face masks, some of our DIY lemon sugar scrub, and don't forget the cucumber water! Invest in some matching robes for everyone or simply tell everyone to bring their own.
  • Have a Slumber Party – Pajama party anyone? Make your last night as a single lady special will an all-out girls night in! Eat the snacks, paint your nails, and have a movie night!
  • Host a Dinner Party – Make it as fancy as you like! A casual pizza party with friends or a four-course black tie affair!
  • Go “Glamping” – You don't need to be outdoorsy to go glamping! Find an affordable VRBO and make it a night! Make a fire outside and party it up with s'mores. Mhmm.
  • Make it Brunch – Who doesn't love brunch? Get all glammed up and toast some cotton candy mock-tails! Try our delicious donut hole recipe or our go-to egg bites.
  • Take a Cooking Class – This one may cost a little more, but if everyone splits it equally it may not be too bad!
  • Hike a Mountain – Does the bride-to-be love to be outdoors? If you live near mountains, go for a hike and see some grand views!

Choose one and make it a theme for the party or mix and match and do several in a day!


These cheap decoration ideas will bring the fun without the price tag!

  • Balloons – Balloons are a cheap and easy way to add color and volume to a room! Blow them up and let them lay around the room and on tables or splurge on a few helium.
  • Confetti – Buy some, or make your own with colored paper!
  • Streamers – Get paper streamers for just a couple of bucks and twirl them around the room!
  • Print Your Own – If you're going for a certain theme, check sites like Etsy for affordable print-at-home banners and decorations!
  • Use Food as Decor – Beautiful food is a great way to fill a table and draw someone's eye. Keep on reading for some great affordable food ideas!

With these affordable party decoration ideas, you'll be ready for your guests in no time!


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What's a party without good food?! Food can often be the biggest expense of a get-together, but not with these cheap and easy food ideas!

  • Mini Quiche – These bite-sized mini quiches are good for any time of the day!
  • Homemade Fruit Salsa – This deliciously easy fruit salsa is sooooo good.
  • Fruit Kabobs – All you need is fruit and skewers to make this fancy-feeling snack!
  • Charcuterie – These are so easy to make and feel so upscale! Add cheese, deli meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, and whatever else you can think of.
  • Cinnamon Rolls – Seriously, these cinnamon rolls are NOT just for breakfast! 😉
  • Party Punch – This easy to make party punch will be a crowd favorite!

Get even more cheap party food ideas in this post! Keep your bellies and your hearts full with these yummy bachelorette party foods!


These bachelorette party games are sure to keep everyone in stitches! Bring out the snacks and have a great time celebrating the bride-to-be!

  • Scavenger Hunt – A scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. Make your own or find one online. There are tons of free printables out there!
  • Pin the Kiss – Print off a large picture of the groom-to-be and take turns pinning paper kisses to it while blindfolded. Trust us, everyone will be laughing!
  • Take It Off – This one is so easy to create and super fun! Start by wrapping a prize in small package and then put that inside another, slightly larger package and wrap it. Continue nesting these wrapped boxes until you get to four or five. To play the game, sit in a circle and have each person put on oven mitts. Set a timer for ten seconds and let the first person try to unwrap as much as they can. When the time is up, pass the package to the next until someone reveals the prize!
  • Do You Know the Groom – Ask the room several questions about the groom and see who really knows him best!
  • Get “Leid” – For this game you need a bunch of leis and chop sticks. Lay the leis on a table and try to pick them up with chopsticks in your mouth. See who can get the most in a short amount of time!

See… we told you you can throw an ah-ma-zing bachelorette party without blowing your budget! Stop worrying about the money and start enjoying the moments and making memories. Also, don't miss our super fun bridal shower ideas, too!

Do you have any great bachelorette party ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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