WOW, this is long overdue! But thanks to my (much needed and enjoyed…) summer sabbatical, I'm a bit behind on a lot of things. BUT, like I said, be excited because some REALLY exciting things are happening once summer ends (all too soon)!

We had a blast at my first annual Frugality Boot Camp. I kept the group small this year so I could really get the hang of things, and let me tell you, even with a small group there was BIG energy, BIG life changes, and HUGE amounts of fun! Check out the pics from our day, courtesy of Mal Walker Photography:

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Frugality Boot Camp 2012, photos by Mal Walker Photography

Don't you wish you'd been there?? 🙂 Don't worry, we'll be doing another one next year and it will be bigger, cheaper (woo hoo!), and better than ever. Enjoy the photos and have a great day!