Frugal just got a facelift.

FCF is BACK! With more spunk, more spice, and a little more sparkle.

frugal facelift

Welcome to our new site (you'll get the 411 on that tomorrow)! Since FCF is giving the definition of “frugal” a facelift, we thought it about time to give FCF a facelift too…

Months ago I pleaded for your help in coming up with a new tagline for FCF. I was told by multiple people that tag lines just”aren't that big of a deal” and “can be changed at any time”. But to me, I wanted this tagline to stick; to become a thing. To represent everything FCF is about, and stick around…because I want FCF and what it represents to stick around.

I wanted it to mean: New. Authentic. Unique. Innovative. Genuine. Classy. Inspiring. Intriguing. And of course, fun. Not too obvious, not too vague. Catchy, but not gimmicky. Cute, but not immature. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't nail it…leaving me with sleepless nights and lots of headaches.


*Enter, my incredible readers*

I wised up and decided to ask those who know best…YOU. Your response and responses blew me away. Your creativity, willingness to help, but most of all, hearing what FCF means to YOU summed up in a few words literally melted me. No wait, that was the Wicked Witch of the West. Ok, so it didn't literally melt me, but you know.

But as great as all 940+ entries were, there was only one that stopped me in my tracks when I read it…

“Not your grandmother's frugal.”

Submitted by Kristen Ojeda

Not your mother's frugal. Not Your Mama's Frugal. Yeah, not your mama's frugal. That's it! I loved it. I couldn't sleep that night because of it. Which was interesting to me because I was really wanting to go for a deep, meaningful, profound-type tagline. But it was fun…and it was true! “The New Frugal” is the message I try to convey, and what better way to say it? Except there was just one little problem…research found that an all-too similar tagline was already taken by one of the biggest couponing blogs in the world. DOH!

Back to the drawing board. But I couldn't get it out of my mind. I tried to think of other ways of essentially saying “something new; a frugal that you wouldn't expect”. Then one day it hit me out of the blue…

Fun Cheap or Free: Where frugal gets a facelift.

I bolted up and texted Lindsay. She loved it. I loved it. But was it too plastic surgery-sounding? Too casual? Was the meaning deep enough? I asked myself those questions for days after. I compared the tagline to all the other tag lines that I also liked. At the end of the day, this is the one that I felt like represented the fresh image I am hoping to convey with FCF.

Frugal DOES get a facelift with FCF. “The New Frugal” is my heart-and-soul message to the world – that it's NOT your mama's frugal. It's NOT what you thought it was. It's NOT shab, drab, miserly, miserable frugal of yesterday. It's fun! Hip! Hot! Sexy, even! But more than anything, it's a way to turn your life on it's head and make it the best darned life you ever dreamed of.

So, folks, there you have it. Fun Cheap or Free has gotten a facelift, and hopefully your definition of “frugal” will too.

Party on, rockstars!


P.S…tune in tomorrow for a tour of the new site, and a forecasting of some super exciting things coming up on FCF!



  1. AvatarRebecca Melia says

    I love it! and YAY I CAN FINALLY COMMENT! With your old layout, I never knew how to comment, there was never an option!? This is great! 😀 I check your blog almost daily and your posts are a big part of my life.

    I love the tagline! Will you be doing anything related to beauty/hair products/etc soon? Comparing top brands to lower brands and what works best for the price, etc? I’d love to see things like that, and also know what products (hair, make-up) you use, and how to get good quality products for less. x

  2. AvatarKristen O. says

    OMG! I can’t believe that I stopped you in your tracks. That is too cool. I love the new site and agree with Kelsey. The pictures are gorgeous. Congrats!!!

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