Mustard Blazer, lip gloss, $5 jewelry, and more! [Frugal Find Friday]

Frugal Find Friday - steals, deals, and coupons to take advantage of

Happy Frugal Find Friday! Today I'm sharing some great finds and exclusive deals with you…to make your weekend brighter, of course. Today I'm highlighting exclusive discounts on 2 of my favorite clothing items right now, great deals on lip gloss and jewelry, and an exclusive Bottle Bands discount.


Exclusive discount on my 2 new favorite clothing items:

40% off this mustard blazer!

Just $14.99 + free shipping on this boyfriend shirt!















The other day on Instagram I posted my new favorite article of clothing – an ADORABLE mustard blazer  from noVae Clothing that is BEYOND perfect for fall…and summer…and spring…and basically any time of year. I had lots of positive remarks and questions about it, so for today's FFF I'm bringing you an EXCLUSIVE deal. I've been in contact with my friends at noVae and they wanted to give you not one, but TWO exclusive deals! First up, the blazer:

40% off this mustard blazer!

As of now this mustard blazer is not available to anyone…EXCEPT FCF READERS! That's right. You must click ON THIS LINK to even see the blazer on their website; it's nonexistent to everyone else because they are discontinuing it as they bring on new fall items. More good news? You'll be able to grab one at 40% off, $32.99.

The second is my new favorite Boyfriend shirt:

Just $14.99 with free shipping!

It's light-weight, like linen-ish. It goes with EVERYTHING, and makes me feel like I'm slightly dressed up even though it feels as comfy as an old ratty t-shirt would. I love this shirt! Right now for FCF readers only, you can get this shirt for $14.99 + free shipping! Just click on THIS LINK to take advantage. Happy shopping! Pssst…spoiler alert…keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for a noVae giveaway that may or may not be coming up very soon…

$10 pack of gorgeous lip glosses

$9.97 for this pack of pretty glosses

For any Costco members out there: I was at Costco today (see what I buy and what I avoid HERE) and saw this pack of lip glosses for just $9.97. It ends in $0.97 which means it's been marked down, and it had an asterisk next to the price which tells me this is the last of the stock they are going to carry. I bought it on a whim and tried all 4 glosses at home. They are SOOO PRETTY!


Natural, but with the right hint of color. At $2.50ish per gloss that's a great deal I wanted to pass along.

Bottle Bands Exclusive Discount

$1 off Bottle Bands with the code FUNCHEAPORFREE

Even though I'm not much of a runner, I've always been a huge fan of Bottle Bands. It's just plain genius! It's a band that fits around just about any water bottle and makes it much easier to hold on to when running/exercising. They are a local startup that I have been beyond impressed with, so I contacted them to see if they wanted to offer an exclusive discount to you fabulous readers. They were thrilled to!

Use the code FUNCHEAPORFREE to get $1 off a Bottle Band. They would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the fitness junkie in your life!

Super cheap (and adorable) accessories from an unlikely place

I normally don't buy groceries from Super Walmarts (see why HERE) but I had to stop into one to buy some school uniform pieces for my daughter. While I was there I was oh so distracted by a MASSIVE array of some adorable, surprisingly quality, accessories for so cheap!! Here are some of my favorites…

Tons of statement necklaces for $5 – $10:

Adorable jewelry at Walmart for $5 - $10, surprisingly great quality.

The chunky $10 statements ones were so heavy, I was surprised! …and may have picked up a few as shown HERE.

ADORABLE Scarves for as low as $4 for a two-pack:

Super cheap and cute scarves from Walmart of all places!

And other cute accessories including a $10 watch set, $5 earrings, $3.88 headbands.

Cute accessories from Walmart

These would make awesome stocking stuffers!

Anywho, hope you enjoy some of these great finds from this week. Have a fabulous weekend!



  1. AvatarJennifer Claussner says

    Thanks for the bottle band hook-up. I have been looking for something like this and getting it at a discount is even better. Just ordered my Run Like a Girl in pink!

  2. AvatarBetsy says

    Thanks for all your great posts–love to follow them!

    The deal on bottle bands has a typo–you have, ” FUNCHEAPORFREE to get $1 a Bottle Band” and it should be “$1 OFF a Bottle Band”. I went to the site, thought they were cute and was going to order one for $1 and then 1 full price–but the code just takes $1 off of each one. Not what I expected ;( Still a cute product, and I found that it does take $1 off every one you buy, not just off of one product–

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      OH NO!! Thanks for catching that, I just fixed it. That’s what I get for writing a post late at night. So sorry about that!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      UGH that’s what I get for writing a post so late at night :S Here’s the link: It just explains that Super WM’s don’t make their money on food, they make their money on electronics and home goods. So food is just to get you in the store. So I buy my groceries from Neighborhood WM’s because food is all they do! They have a better selection, better prices (yes, there is a difference sometimes), and I can get in and out of that store quickly, whereas shopping at a Super WM takes forever usually.

  3. AvatarRocky | Somethin Outta Nothin says

    Cute picks! Another thought on the bottle bands is they are super helpful for moms too. They allow you to attatch your water to the handle of your purse or diaper bag . Total life saver when the normal place for it (in your bag), is taken up by sippy cups. I’ve been wanting one for the hubster, thanks for the promo code! You’re the best!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh no! I’ve checked it on my end and it opens for me, is anyone else having the issue?? Jenna, Email me and I’ll send you the link directly, in case it’s just not working from my site to your browser for whatever reason.

  4. AvatarAshley says

    Not a big deal but just an FYI – the bottle band promo code is for $1 off a bottle band (you have a typo – it just says “$1 a bottle band”, so I thought the code was for getting the band for a buck).

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