What to Wear Wednesday: Frugal Fashion Breakdown…mustard and floral

Happy Wednesday!

Aren't we excited? Not just that we are 1/2 way through the work-week…but that it's time for another Frugal Fashion Breakdown! YIPPEE! Here's the breakdown of a frugal outfit I wore this week:

This entire outfit cost me less than $40.
While this is about double what my other fashion breakdowns have been, the shoes are all worth it. (Heck, the shoes cost more than the entire rest of the outfit combined!)

Here's why I like this look:

  • The colors are bright and fun. Can you tell I'm trying to squeeze every last OUNCE out of summer?
  • Though inexpensive, all the pieces are high quality.
  • I love the ruching detail on the neckline of the shirt, and the lace on the shoes (not shown well in the photos, sorry!). Makes it feminine and fun, and adds texture to an otherwise simple outfit.
  • The entire outfit is comfortable, on down to the shoes.
  • It's modest, yet slightly sexy. Right? Maybe? A little? No?
  • It works with or without a sweater, and any number of colored sweaters could still go well with the ensemble. Makes it versatile and interchangeable with things I already have.
Here's where I got this look:
  • Cardigan: $6 at Plato's Closet. It's Gap brand. Bought it back in college when I worked there. (Another argument to the fact that 1. buy non-trendy items and you can use them for-eh-ver, 2. cardigans never go out of style, 3. I'm a pack rat and can't part with anything).
    • Just for the record, Plato's Closet is genius. Not only can you sell gently used clothes for a few extra bucks (you won't get rich, but it's better than nothing), but you can buy gently used clothes for a great deal (usually)! Remember my amazing jewelry finds??
  • Top: $4.99 at Ann Taylor Loft (Outlet). There is a new outlet mall by me in Lehi, UT and The Loft there is AMAZING! Every time I go they have racks upon racks of adorable tops and dresses for – literally – only a few dollars. Toss on a coupon* that they are always mailing me and this top actually rang in well below $5 but I just can't remember the exact total and didn't want to make up a random number. That wouldn't be too helpful now, would it??
    • *Note: I can't seem to find an email list on their website, so I guess you have to sign up in the store??
  • Skirt: $8 at good ol' Ross. Some people might get overwhelmed at Ross, or go once, find nothing, and give up entirely. Keep in mind it's basically a completely new store every time you go! Their inventory is always changing and completely varies from one store to the next. So if you don't have luck the first time, try again folks!
  • Shoes: just under $20 (at DSW clearance). These shoes are magic. I got them for a steal when I was in Chicago doing QVC for Candle Warmers (as originally mentioned HERE). But more importantly, they are the reason behind Ivanka and my daughter being BFF's, remember?  Ivanka's shoes are normally $100+ (see here for examples). This pair retailed for $110 when I bought them! So getting them for $20 was an incredible steal, especially since they were STILL in season when I bought them on clearance. Still not sure how that one happened…

So there you go! See my other frugal fashion breakdowns HERE.
Once again, more proof that just because you don't pay much for an outfit, doesn't make it poor quality! 
Check out my closet to see lots of my other clothes, check out how I shop sales, and the top 7 sales you should never miss, and see how I do my makeup here. See how I work shopping into my regular budget as well.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. AvatarJenni says

    So cute!!! I'm loving your fashion frugal breakdowns!!! My birthday is coming up in Sept and I'm in need to find some new clothes but for cheap!!! The places you've shared have been perfect. Thank you!!! Have you ever or do you shop at Marshals?

  2. Avatarfuncheaporfree says

    Yay! Glad you like the posts 🙂 No, I haven't shopped much at Marshalls but they are part of the same company as tJ Maxx and Hone Goods so I imagine the deals can be pretty good. Just be sure to wait for sales and use coupons. Thanks for reading!

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