Our new blog friend, Tara, emailed me some AMAZING baby-saving tips from her site, picturemywords.blogspot.com, and I just had to share. She is a new mom and is excited to share the ways she's saved, so read her post and check out her site. 
Thanks for the tips, Tara!
Hi new friends!! I'm Tara, a new mama to a ginger-haired little boy named Ellis.  We are living out in the cornfields of Iowa while my husband is in med school, and we are learning all kinds of new ways to save money and make what we have stretch!  
I found the Fun Cheap or Free Queen while blog-hopping among friends, and I'm hooked!  I  thought I'd share a few of my own tips, and while I'm still in my “I just had a baby and am obsessed over everything pregnancy/birth/baby related” stage, what better than a getting ready for baby tips post?
1. Register for EVERYTHING!  That handy discount is good for more than just baby stuff!  If you register somewhere like Target or Walmart, you can scan stuff like post-baby outfits!  Snacks for during nursing!  Those cute new shoes you've been eyeing (something pretty to wear will help ease you into the weird stage that is post-baby body) Dr. Pepper for milk production (that's my excuse, anyway)! I didn't know you could do this, but you want to get in on it early, cause the discount is only good on stuff ALREADY on your registry, so no adding as you shop!

2. Speaking of the registry, change your “due date” (ha, might as well just throw that out the window anyway, it won't happen!)/”event date” to a month before baby is set to come.  That way, you can get all the goods you need after your shower, but before baby.  Trust me, you either won't want to walk around for things like burp cloths, or your baby will scream the second the car turns off.  Chances are high that you won't get much from your registry, and you'll want to be prepared!

3. Babies R Us does an awesome trade in event a couple times a year (you can call and ask when) where you can bring in an old thing (carseat, crib, whatever!) and get 25% off a new thing (carseat, crib, whatever!!!).    So bring in your neighbors expired carseat that she's trying to pawn off on you for that shiny new crib you want for your little prince or princess!  Maybe your mom still has your (basically banned now) drop-side crib from when you were a wee one??? Take it in for a new Britax! 25% is huge when you are buying big ticket items.
4. We stocked up on diapers while pregnant, and now I wish I'd just bought gift cards for places like Costco or Diapers.com (which offers 20% off diapers your first 3 months there) and bought them after I knew what brand I liked. (though I was able to return an opened box of diapers to Costco- most have great return policies like that) You get a ton of diapers from the hospital (tip, take EVERYTHING! and ask for more and more and more every chance you get. You are already paying for it through insurance!) and they'll last you long enough to make a run. Bonus if you add diapers on a registry (you can register at diapers.com, amazon, etc!) and then use your 10% off on top of the membership savings!
5. You get tons of samples when you are pregnant for formula… Don't throw them out if you are breastfeeding!  They are great for food storage/72 hour kits, in case of emergency!
6. Make whatever you can!  I wanted a big dresser that could double as a changing table, but I wanted it blue, and every one I loved online was so expensive my eyes hurt looking!  So I bought a cheapie off Craigslist and painted it myself!  I spent $30 on a dresser that I love and matches my room perfectly!  I also found a mirror at a garage sale and painted it, made a mobile and made my own artwork using canvases I bought on sale at craft stores and cheap acrylic paint, using ideas from Etsy.com! (Even get a weird painting at goodwill and just paint right over it!) I made/revamped everything in my nursery- my in-laws even made my bedding for me!  And I love how unique it all is!  Nothing in his room (slash our office) is new except the crib. Everything was either made, bought off Craigslist and repainted, or given to us- there's no need to spend so much on stuff you won't use long!
Another lifesaver that I made myself was a pacifier anchor of sorts.  My baby wouldn't keep that bink in for the life of all of us!  So I almost bought one of those Wubanub thingers online.  After seeing the $15 price tag (not including shipping!  And with a pacifier my son didn't like!), I remembered all the old beanie babies my mom had in her attic, and i sewed one myself, just putting a few stitches through the pacifier handle hole through the animal's mouth- voila!  Lifesaver!!!  
I hope all of you preggers ladies out there are loving it!  I so wish I was in your shoes and am so excited for your little bundles of love!  Come visit us at picturemywords.blogspot.com

 Thanks for the tips, and I hope you all have a great weekend!