For Friend-Feature Friday I thought I would feature a FCF friend, Anna, who just launched a new website that is SO PERFECT for saving money! Here is her description of it: is Craigslist meets for barter and trade. Which means you can post what you have 
{products, services, your old couch, your children} 
and tell us what you want 
{car mechanic, spa treatments, food storage items, nanny}
 …and we match you up.

Trading is a fresh way to switch out items you no longer want or need for things that you can utilize. It’s a great way to increase productivity and create value without having to spend cash. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a business with extra inventory or just looking for something new and fun we have trade options for you.

Our site is in beta testing which means it is free for you to use {after beta it will only be $5/trade after you find the perfect match} and open for as much feedback as possible while we continue to develop the site to perfection. So jump on, post an item {or two or three} and 
let the trading begin!

I think this sight is genius, and I look forward to using it myself.
Thank you for sharing, Anna, and good luck on your new venture!
Got feedback, a deal, an idea, a DIY project, or something else fun, cheap, or free to share? Email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to feature you on Friend-Feature Friday too!