Price matching
I have mentioned many times before how I choose to deal-shop and price-match to buy my groceries for dirt cheap (no coupons needed!). I finally created a page explaining this process in great detail for you! (click HERE or see the tab at the top of my site)
Shannon, a FCF friend, emailed me her recent price-matching successes. I thought I'd share them with you for “Friend-Feature Friday” to inspire you to try price-matching and deal-shopping too!

Here is Shannon's success story:

Hi there!! I just got back from my second awesome price-matching trip so I thought I’d email you the details! It was a bit of work getting prepared (studying grocery mailers and creating a list of what we needed based on the best deals) but I was able to stay well below my budget of $100 for this grocery trip—all this only cost $75! And really, if you took out the two whole organic chickens, Halloween candy and some other things that weren’t on sale (flour, chicken broth, sugar, pecans) then this would have been much cheaper.
Also, we do a cash budget and there were some things I had to buy for other things, otherwise I would have bought much more of the great deal items. I’m going to go back next week when I get more cash to stock up!!IMGP6166
Here are some good price-match deals from the haul:
Ken’s SteakHouse Dressings: $1 eachIMGP6169
Yellow Onions: 5 lbs. for $.75IMGP6170
Cache Valley Sliced Cheeses: $1 eachIMGP6173
My husband's favorite muffin mix: $.88 eachIMGP6172
Toddler Toothpaste: $1.99IMGP6176
Bottle of Olive Oil: $3.50IMGP6178
Gallon of Whole Milk: $2.25IMGP6179
I also got a 10lb bag of potatoes for $1.99 and other great deals.
Last time I did the price-matching they didn’t check any of my ads. However, this time the checker asked to see a bunch of them, so it was a little more stressful because I had both kids with me, but luckily I had circled all the items in the mailers that were on my list so they were easy to find. I think the lady behind me in line was a little bugged but hey, I saved a ton of money!
I feel so empowered. I wish I had started doing this sooner, this will save my family so much money…for little to no effort!

What a great trip, thanks for sharing Shannon! By the way, check out her super cute company, Plum Street Prints.

Give price-matching and deal-shopping a try, and let me know how it goes. Happy grocery shopping 🙂