Friend-Feature Friday: Comments, tips, and emails from readers!

 TGIF! Man, I'm glad it's Friday. It's been a busy week! 
Last Satuday was my 5 yr anniversary. We hardly noticed, because we are celebrating it THIS weekend. It's going to be amazing. I'm not spilling any beans, because I don't want my hubby to know what I've planned. But let's just say…it's going to be awesome 🙂
Needless to say, I'm super pumped that it's Friday.
I had lots of great comments and emails again this week, so enjoy some of my favorites!
On my “Poncho nursing cover tutorial” post: 
On finding original sources from pinterest: You can use google image search – put in the image URL and click “search by image”, and it brings up any pages that have the same image! This way I found the DRIA cover: has the description of all the fabrics. -Sarah
On my “FACTs of saving” page:
Good ideas! I worked in retail, most of our sales people were on commission, if we gave the customer a discount then we earned a lower percentage for the sale, so we would offer discounts if we had to. When people stopped spending money a few years ago it was really hard on a lot of the sales staff. I would prefer to evaluate how much I really need something. If I can't pay a fair price, then maybe I should wait to shop or I should buy used instead. This is in some cases, not all. It is cheaper to not buy anything than to buy something even on sale. There are many many items and services we can do without. BUT, I saw a necklace on sale last week, it was broken but could be fixed, I got a couple extra bucks off. I didn't know if it had been priced as-is or was broken after the sale tag put on. I asked nicely, she offered a discount, no argument, win-win. -Kay
I like to have the kids eat in the car while I'm driving whenever possible (even if it's just drive-through), then stop and let them run around somewhere while I eat.
a) It's so hard to make them stay and eat when they just want/need to run and play- if they need to sit down to eat anyway, I may as well use that time driving!
b) The smaller one sometimes gets backed up from long trips, so the activity right AFTER eating can help her digestion. Also, I'm less likely to have to stop again in 20 minutes when the bigger one decides he needs to poop.
c) When the kids get to spend nearly every minute of the stop playing and being active, I feel much less guilty strapping them back in and plugging them into electronic distraction devices.
d) I can get the food I like from wherever I want and eat at a park instead of stopping at McDonalds to appease the kiddos. It may mean an extra drive-through stop, but I really don't like McDonalds, and I save time because I don't have to wait for the kids to eat AND play.  – Lisa

We had a rest stop box. We had kites and balls in ours too.  – Kara

Amazing…where has this site been the last 8 months of my life 🙂 I don't know if it is possible for me to be that organized but I could certainly use a few of these ideas. – Heidibird
On my “DIY Ice packs” post:
I was just looking up gel ice packs yesterday. They're not cheap. Especially the clinical grade ones. And most people already have ziploc bags and dish soap and alcohol. All of which you can get at th dollar store, if you didn't have them. So for $3, you could make many gel ice packs. – HMM
On my “Garage/Yardsaling 101” post:
Good tips! I have to disagree with the higher COL areas always having better items, however. This was our strategy last weekend and didn't work so well, it seemed that all we were finding were off brand clothes not always in the best condition, and either they marked their clothes up too high or I sell my name brand kids clothes way too cheap!  – Ashley

Hey, KSL is great for Utah, but outside of Utah is a really great site. It is kind of like Craigslist, but more local. And it also advertises local yard sales as well. I am a big yardsaler (have been using that term as well as yardsaling for years and years–so it's definitely a word!) and think that one tip I follow while bargaining is to think about how much I'm willing to pay for the item and also how I'll feel about walking away from it. If I know I'll be okay walking away from it because I think I can find a better deal somewhere else, then I won't budge on my offer. But if I think I will regret it, then I'm usually willing to spend a few extra dollars. – Liz

Great tips! Thank you!
I don't always feel comfortable negotiating the price of one item, so I usually ask if I can group the items I'm purchasing for a flat rate.
ie if a car seat is $20 and then I want a bread machine and lawn chair, each priced at $5, I offer $20 for the 3 of them. I've found people usually are more receptive to negotiating when you're taking more off their hands!  – Leah

Great post! is also really helpful in finding good, local garage sales. It's well-structured and easy to search for specific things you might be looking for as well. Let's see if I can figure out how to link: Yard Sale Search  – Austin
On my “How I do my makeup” video tutorial post:
I LOVED this. I actually watched the whole thing and found we a lot of similar techniques. But the mascara tips are fantastic! I can't wait to try them!  – Teri

On my “weekend wrap-up” post from this week:
Hi Jordan,  Did you know that Denny's has unlimited refills on the hot chocolate, they don't tell you that, but it's so true!  Even at full price we go there just for the hot chocolate sometimes because I just love the whipped cream, so probably three a visit.  YUM and free refills!  Why don't they put that on the menu????  – Sydney 

That sounds like a great weekend. My husband and I bought a foreclosure 2 years ago and have done nearly all of the work ourselves (interior and exterior). We finally got to the back yard and now have grass growing!!! It is definitely hard work doing it all yourself, but it feels so good when you FINALLY get it all done!  – Ashley

On my “my favorite laundry concoction” post:
does the tide with bleach take the color out of colored clothes? – Audrey

Thanks for the question, Audrey. My answer? NO! It's not actually bleach, it's a bleach alternative. So it's not only safe on colors, but my clothes have never looked cleaner or brighter. That's probably mostly due to the Clorox 2 color booster/stain fighter that I use, but either way…my clothes look great.

Thanks for all the great comments and emails, keep them coming!
Have a fun, cheap, or free weekend –

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