Today I'm featuring…YOU! 
Unfortunately…it's next to impossible for me to respond to every comment, email and question, so I thought doing some in a post might help answer some of YOUR questions at the same time, as well as motivate you all to leave comments too 🙂 I do love your comments, after all.
Thanks for your words! Enjoy 🙂
That is a cute gadget. It would be good to have around. thank you for sharing. – Debra
I have spent hours looking at all you posts, tips, ideas and am not through yet. lOVE lOVE lOVE YOUR web site. Have already made plans to re do, change and incorporate things I have learned. Will be back. -Phyllis
You are amazing! God sent you my way! I am working ten to twelve hours a day seven days a week. This will help get at least one job done when I get home and say I am too tired to do anything. thank you , God Bless YOU!  – Debra
I am so, so glad to see that I am not the only stay at home mom who just cannot get all the cleaning done during the day! I worked outside of the home until my oldest daughter was 5 (8 now) and my youngest was 1 (4 now). So, I have only been home for 3 years and even with one VERY active little girl with me all day, sometimes cleaning is a lost cause completely. I truly thought I was doing something wrong!  – Sascha
I always use totes and baskets to keep things corralled in the car too! Back in the day I just used grocery sacks and, oh my goodness, the plastic rattling/crinkling will drive you crazy after 6 hours. Definitely better! -Brytani

This is great! Thank you. I am planning a summer road trip and am always looking for ways to make it easier. – Mamak

It's as if you read my mind and knew that I needed this post today. We just got word that my husband will be doing some retraining for the military for four months, and I may be making a twenty hour trek across the country. This will come in super handy with my three and four year old. Hopefully I'm still sane when we get there.  – Liz

Thanks for the Great tips!! I'll be doing this (16+ hrs) in a few weeks with my 3 yr. old and 11 month old. I THINK I can entertain the 3 yr. old but the 11 month old is a whole different ballgame- not interested in movies. How did your daughter do on the trip? Did you just keep handing her toys and snacks?  – Michelle
  • Michelle – Priya did pretty good, luckily. My car is small enough that if I reach around my head rest, I could pop food and snacks into her mouth while driving (yes, I have super gangly arms!). I kept them safe and easily dissolvable like those baby cereal puffs and Cheerios. I have a mirror at her feet so I can see her face at all times from my rear-view mirror. I think it also helps entertain her because she can look in the mirror and see things. I kept toys bungeed to her chair, and kept a basket of baby toys close at-hand so I could toss one to her once in a while. I had LOTS of baby toys because she would drop most of them after a few minutes. I kept bottles filled and ready,and passed them back to her to hold. She ended up taking a few naps which really helped! I would ask my son to “make her happy” if she started getting fussy. Really, we stopped every 2 hours at least and I would get her out of her seat and let her wiggle around, which helped.

Woa, that video is crazy, gives me motivation! Thank you for sharing! Maybe I actually CAN save money while still eating healthy meals!  – Kailie
I made 2 for my daughter, She loves them, Thank-you so much for the Idea. I also made matching burp towels. -Linda
thanks for your tutorial!!! awesome! i am wondering if you know where the original photo came from – the fabric looks knit or something so i wondered if i could look up the photo you found on pinterest to see if they mention a fabric type. thanks for sharing your ideas!!!  – Erica
  • To answer your question, Erica – The original photo came from a discussion board online. I have no idea how to trace back to the original, unfortunately! However, I remember someone mentioning that it was a knit material. So sorry, hope that helps!

Have you ever looked into getting a SouthWest credit card? Why would you or would you not?  – Lauren
  • Lauren – YES! I have considered it. We basically only fly Southwest so we have been very tempted. Here's why we don't have one yet…for one, we had enough credit cards and didn't want to hurt our credit by opening another. For me, I put everything I buy on my Costco American Express card. We decided that it would be too complicated for me to have TWO cards that I spend on each month…the one that I can use at Costco, and the one that I would use for everything else (Southwest). So, to keep it simple, we stick with Amex for me. My husband wants to get a Southwest card for business someday, but it just isn't the right time for him to open up another business card. We will most likely do that eventually, but for now, we just enjoy the cash perks from Amex.

where would you find the foam dispenser bottles? I don't currently have any products in my house that use one.
By the way….I love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks, I check back often! 🙂 – Miranda
  • Miranda – Bath and Body Works has fancy ones, but you can buy them anywhere, including Walmart!

Thanks again to you all! Keep the comments and emails coming, I love them all 🙂 TGIF!