Friend-Feature Friday: Adult Prom idea from a reader friend

Recently I got an email from Sherrie, a reader friend who came up with a GREAT idea that I just had to share! Check it out:

Christy and I came up with this idea to plan a  Adult Spring Prom to give the couples in our ward (church congregation) a night out of dancing.  Christy would use it as a Young Women's Project.  We knew that the expense would be ours so we came up with some fun, cute and CHEAP decorations.  

We made large flowers painted on cardboard: cardboard – free, acrylic paints 50 cents a bottle.  Tissue flowers are cheap – tissue paper from Dollar Tree – $1.00  I think we bought two packages.

 A great, cheap way to put out a last reminder in our neighborhood the morning of the dance.

We bought a cheap twin size sheet for $5 and glued tissue flowers all over it, then attached it to the wall for our photo booth.

A friend kindly loaned us the table decorations from a previous event that she had

Christy crowned a King and Queen for the night:  the crowns were cheap;  the king's was made from a silver, glittered paper and some jewels we already had.  The Queen's crown was an old tiara that I purchased from my work for $4.  We dipped it in jewelry cleaner and it was as good as new.

The start of the prom
Christy taught them a dance
Christy and her family — supported her in this great event.  Her brothers and sister-in-law did all the music, mom helped with it all.


We served sweet breads, fudge and water —  donated by the Relief Society women in our ward.

The photo booth didn't cost the couples anything.  A young woman in our ward took the pictures and emailed them to the couples.  

 Admission was free.  

It was a hugh success!

Thanks for sharing, Sherrie! I think this is such a cute idea. It's a great way to get teenagers involved in service and to bridge the gap between generations. Thanks again, and we're glad it was such a success!


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