It's that wonderful time of year again! Our hearts turn to gratitude and Thanksgiving as we prepare for the holidays. We're ready to launch our 5th year of the Freebs Secret Santa project and we need YOUR help!!

Jordan holding a gift in her hands, from Fun Cheap or Free

November has totally snuck up on us this year, but we absolutely love this time of year! We are thinking about all the things we are thankful for, one of them being this wonderful community of Freebs!

We are happy to have a platform that we can use for good! The holidays are really a wonderful time of year and bring so much joy to so many families. But it can also be a time of great challenges and strife to some. I want to change all of that for a group of families in need, and I need your help to do it!

“Can I donate to help a family this Christmas?”

NOTE: Donations are now closed for 2020. Thank you for donating to help us help over 200 families this Christmas!

You have asked, and the answer is YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Please, yes! The more donations, the more families we can help! If you feel inclined to help, 100% of money donated will go straight to the families. Not a penny will go to me or my team.

You can send the money through:

*NOTE: When submitting donations through PayPal, please choose the friends and family option. Please just write “Secret Santa” on the memo so my accountant doesn't put me on the naughty list :).

Just think! If every one of us was to donate $1-5, how many families could we bless this year?

Why Secret Santa?

In the last several years, my businesses have been blessed. Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, in 2016 I decided to take income that ads bring to my site and give it back to some special Freebs in need to help pay for their Christmas.

Not knowing where to start, I turned to you Freebs for nominations and suggestions. Hundreds of nominations poured in within hours, and as I read every one, I was overwhelmed. Blown away. Broken-hearted. Strengthened. (All the feels, basically.) My heart swelled in joy over you good Freebs who took the time to share such stories with me, but also so sad for those who were going through such hard things.

I sponsored three different families and paid for their Christmas — completely unsponsored. I am still in contact with these sweet families; they have touched my heart to the core. I feel a special bond and connection with them that will (for lack of a less cheesy term…) stay with me forever.

But then, something amazing happened…


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Wouldn't you know… in 2016, you Freebs were also touched by the stories I shared! Donations, none of which I even asked for, poured in and we were able to help 14 MORE families with your additional donations! I can't describe the feeling of going to my PayPal account and seeing so many hundreds of dollars, generously donated.

In 2017, we wanted to give back even more and were able to personally pay for Christmas for five families and you, amazing Freebs, opened your hearts and donated enough to make it possible to give 18 MORE families a beautiful Christmas.

In 2018, we once again personally paid for five family Christmases, and you wonderful Freebs helped us to provide for 28 MORE family donations, meaning we were able to help over 30 families who needed the extra love and support during the holidays.

Last year, 2019, was the most mind-blowing year so far as we once again invited you to join in our efforts to give back at Christmas time. This Secret Santa tradition we've created humbled us beyond words and we were so excited to pay for five families' Christmas gifts, dinner, and traditions, once again! The Freebs community completely BLEW. US. AWAY. as you helped us provide 166 MORE families donations for Christmas. Yes, you read that right! We were able to help 171 families during a time of need.

THANK YOU! We could NOT do this without you!


This year, we are starting early to make this thang happen! Starting TODAY, I want you to nominate a family in need!

We will choose 5 families to gift $500 of my own money (not sponsored!) to help cover gifts, and Christmas dinner/traditions. In addition, I will gift my Budget Boot Camp program to help them long after Christmas is over. Then, with additional donations that come in from Freebs near and far, we will help as many additional families as possible until the money runs out!


Here's what you need to do…


*Note: Nominations are now closed, but please keep reading to get involved in making Christmas merrier for our nominated families!

If you know someone that could use a little boost this Christmas, let us know! We know many of you are aching to help others at this time of year and we feel blessed to be able to connect with you and the families you love in this way. Thank you for your giant hearts, Freebs!

  • Nominate someone who might just need some help getting on their feet, getting ahead, or starting out this year. Basically, anyone who needs some serious sparkle and magic this Christmas! Naturally, who couldn't use an extra $500?? But let's try to focus on those who have more needs than most. *Note: You may NOT nominate yourself.*
  • Nominate someone by filling out THIS Secret Santa FORM. (Nominations have been closed!)
  • Nominate as many people as you'd like, but submit one form per family; don't nominate more than one family on the same form!
  • We will select winners in late November and in early December.
  • If you haven't heard from us by mid-December, your selected recipient likely wasn't chosen.
  • HURRY! Nominations close SOON! (Nominations have been closed!)

Keep reading for a list of FAQ's.


Little girl holding present in front of tree, from Fun Cheap or Free

Can we nominate people outside of Utah?

Um, HECK YES! You can nominate anyone from anywhere in the world. I'll figure out how to get the money to them, even if by way of Hogwarts owl. Again, nominate people HERE or using the form below.

Is $500 really enough for gifts and food??

Holy jiblets YES! If you can't possibly fathom how, you might want to consider Budget Boot Camp and I'll share all my secrets. But $500 would provide a fabulous Christmas for even a family of five. It's all about stretching those pennies, folks!

How will the family be notified? Will it be anonymous?

We can no longer accept anonymous donations — we want YOU, the nominator, to help connect us with the family and be a part of the Christmas magic. Helping these families is such a tremendous blessing and your help is necessary to make it happen!

What happens if we (or the family we nominate) already have Budget Boot Camp?

No biggie, still eligible! You (or they) can then pay it forward and gift that to someone else, and still use the Christmas cash.


The biggest question we get asked is…

Can I donate?

YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Please yes! The more donations, the more families we can help! If you feel inclined to help, 100% of money donated will go straight to the families. Not a penny will go to me or my team. You can send the money through PayPal ([email protected]) or Venmo (@PageCoDonations).

*NOTE: When submitting donations through PayPal, please choose the friends and family option.

Please just write “Secret Santa” on the memo so my accountant doesn't put me on the naughty list :).

Just think! If every one of us was to donate $1-5, how many families could we bless this year?


(NOTE: You must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the form and hit SUBMIT or your response won't be recorded!)


The last few years your donations have sponsored so many incredible families' Christmases.

Together, we've helped…

  • A family that lost their home in the California camp fires.
  • Another family had just lost their young husband and father to a tragic heart attack.
  • A mother of quintuplets whose husband was deployed (I finally got to meet her, and the sister who nominated her, at Pinners conference).
Jordan with friends, from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Families that had recently lost children and families who had very sick kids in the hospital.
  • A mom and her kids that had just fled a domestic abuse situation.
  • One year, I was able to pay for Christmas for a young family whose gorgeous mom, Jordin, was terminally ill with cancer. It was her last Christmas and we miss her dearly.
Jordan with Secret Santa family, from Fun Cheap or Free
  • A pregnant widow.
  • Single moms trying to get by while working multiple jobs.
  • We were able to help a family of 7 who had been completely uprooted, left their comfortable home, and was living in a small apartment across the country, in order to give their sweet baby a fighting chance at life. Good news? Julian is doing INCREDIBLE.
Secret Santa babies, from Fun Cheap or Free

We were so touched from all of the stories in 2019 that we have a whole post from our amazing recipients who wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated. You can really make a difference in a stranger's life with just a few dollars in donations. It feels good to help someone out with no strings attached!

This is real life, you guys! I can't begin to tell you the lives we can change.

Jordan holding a gift with words "Join us as we pay it forward this Christmas" from Fun Cheap or Free

Thank you in advance for your generosity and love. I can't wait to warm some hearts with you by my side. There is so much good to do.