ladies night out with Alex Boy and Funcheaporfree!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Freebs!

As many of you know, May is “Focus on Change” month in my FREE Focused in '17: Best Year Ever program. May is the month to shake off your inhibitions and change things up a bit! Instead of a calendar, this month I have made a printable list of 30 things you can do to create positive change in your life this month (it will be emailed to you when you sign up for the free program). Some of them are simple; doing your hair a new way. Some might be very difficult; moving on from something in your past. The purpose is to try your hardest to focus on accomplishing one item each day, and I think we will all come out of May feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling positive toward CHANGE in our lives!

One fun way to shake things up is to meet new people and go on a bit of an adventure. Which, lucky for you, I'm going to provide both in ONE SHOT!

That's right, it's time for another…

Freebs Night Out: Tailgate Edition!

It's been a while since I've done one and it's high time. If you remember our Party Bus night, it was just about the best thing ever. The night ended with an Alex Boye concert, and it was so fun, I've had repeated  requests to do it again!

You ask, I deliver.

Ladies Night Party Bus Edition was a fun-filled night full of dancing, music, and delicious food! See the details,

Join me on May 19 for our Spring Freebs Night Out. Picture this…beautiful weather, dinner outside, mingling, dancing and fun, ending with an (indoor) Alex Boye concert. It's going to be amazing! Tickets are live NOW and are bound to sell out, so don't delay!


Ladies Night Party Bus Edition was a fun-filled night full of dancing, music, and delicious food! See the details,

Not familiar with Alex Boye? Not only is he a dear friend of mine, but he's a first-class entertainer. He takes popular songs and africanizes them, along with producing his own original songs. He was on America's Got Talent, and has performed all over the world. I love that his show is family-friendly, and SO ENTERTAINING! (The boy's got some MOVES!). It's bound to be one of your favorite concerts of all time.

Bring your sisters, your friends, your mom, your neighbors, any ladies in your life that could use a little change from the typical #MomLife routine.

Can't wait to party with you! Email with any questions, and hope to see you there!