Freebs Night Out! (Utah)

Hey, Freebs! Thank you again for your responses to the survey we posted about earlier this month. We got over 1100 responses in one weekend and a resounding theme we heard was that you wanted MORE in-person events and classes! Boy oh boy is it your lucky day because events just so happen to be one of my most favorite things EVER. (Pst if you aren't local, don't worry! We are working on something for you too, stay tuned!). For you locals, I now introduce you to our first ever…

Join me for an evening full of inspiration, mingling, and fun... Freebs Night Out Ladies Night! Get the details,

Told you we'd listen 🙂

This event is going to be different from anything I've EVER done before! It's NOT going to be focused primarily around finances, budgeting, and money management. Sure, we'll cover that if you want to! Heck, the night is all about you, after all. But you Freebs said you wanted a good ol' girl's night out.


Join me on June 22 at the headquarters in Lehi, UT for a night of fun and games (literally), desserts, drinks, giveaways (of course) and being able to hear from me and pick my brain. WARNING: since this is our first event like this, seats will be VERY limited because we don't want to over-extend ourselves! We are going small on this one so don't miss out and get your tickets early!

Here are all the details:

*update! Um guys…we sold out. In 30 minutes. Oh my word. I'm speechless! Don't worry, still go to the ticket page and get on the waiting list! It will email you when tickets open up. Additionally we will email you the next time we have an event so you can get in on the next one…which, apparently needs to be very soon! Haha! So keep reading so you can get excited for the next one!*

Join me for an evening full of inspiration, mingling, and fun... Freebs Night Out Ladies Night! Get the details,


It's June 22 from 7-9. have been absolutely amazing to us Freebs, and continue to be as they are generously letting us take over their headquarters for the night!

Seriously guys, this space is nuts. I don't want to give away all the surprises but here's a sneak peek of just some of their building…

Freebs night Out

Freebs night Out

Freebs night Out


Um…to hang out and become best friends. Duh.

No, but really. Freebs Night Out (FNO) “Ladies Night Edition” is going to be all about getting inspired, having fun, and learning a few things while we're at it. My ultimate goal is for you to walk away with 3 things:

1) A renewed energy and plan to tackle whatever you need to tackle in life,

2) New friends and built in support system (the other Freebs) and MOI!, and

3) A smile on your face. I want you to leave your cares behind and just. have. FUN for Heaven's sake!

Non-alcoholic drink concoctions, desserts and treats galore, games, and other fun surprises! We will also have a presentation from me and fun round-table discussions as well.


When you all voted, you said you wanted a traight-up GNO with fun, games, desserts and drinks! So you can expect all those things. I don't want to give away all the surprises, but we will also have giveaways and I have some plans up my sleeve that will hopefully result in a lot of energy and lots of laughs. Enough said.

Additionally, I will be giving a presentation that is centered ultimately around the topics the attendees choose. I'm going to focus on what YOUR struggles, hangups, hiccups, and hardships are in life as a woman or mom, and we will tackle those head-on with the tips, tricks, and things I've learned over the years. And hey, if those hangups involve money and budgeting, done! Whatever you want.

I'm just really super excited to get the warm fuzzies and kumbaya's going in the room. Several  years ago, I was able to speak at an event called Bright Night; it was the first time I had ever spoken on anything other than budgeting, and frugal living. Instead, this presentation was all about confidence, finding true happiness, and empowering yourself. To my surprise, the class was standing room only and to this day, I still have women stop and thank me for teaching a class like that. It made me realize, we need way more women inspiring women! And don't you worry, you will walk away inspired – guaranteed.


Great questions! The cost is $14.99 for a single ticket, or 2 tickets for $20 (must be bought at the same time). We want to reward you for bringing a buddy so I encourage you to take advantage of the discount and go with the buddy system! (Get your ticket HERE.)

Your ticket includes:

  • Entry into the event
  • Free non-alcoholic drinks (yes, they will be special drinks that are AMAZING…more information coming soon! Just keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for updates and sneak peeks!)
  • Free desserts (again, more info coming soon)
  • Automatic entry to win one of several amazing prizes (more info coming soon!)
  • And a chance to have me at your disposal for 2 hours to answer YOUR specific questions, help you with YOUR situation, and the opportunity to make lots of new friends that night as well!

Again, get your ticket HERE before they are gone!

Join me for an evening full of inspiration, mingling, and fun... Freebs Night Out Ladies Night! Get the details,


Welcome! You must be new here! Thanks for joining the family. “Freeb” is the nickname my followers gave themselves forever ago. To be a Freeb is to be someone interested in living the richest life possible. Not necessarily in a financial sense (though I am a lifestyle finance expert and you'll naturally get your finances in order if you stick around and read my good stuff), but in a “I want to wake up every day excited about life” sense. Freebs are a unique breed. We look out for one another, celebrate each other, and are constantly looking to better ourselves. Almost every company or brand I've ever worked with is blown away that a blog of my size, which is small compared to some of the blogs out there who get several million page views each month, has such an incredibly loyal, engaged, and focused audience. It's pretty powerful. So, welcome to the Freeb family!

I hope you can come!

Again, tickets are on sale NOW because the FNO is in less than TWO WEEKS. So please don't hesitate! Single tickets are $14.99, or two for $20; so grab your bestie (or several besties), and make a girls night out of it!

To keep our Ladies Night all about us ladies, we are asking that you keep the kiddos home for this one, and bring breastfeeding babies only. This will give us an evening free from distraction, and you will enjoy a night that's all about YOU!

To pre-register and guarantee your ticket, click the button below to go to EventBright and purchase your tickets!


Join me for an evening full of inspiration, mingling, and fun... Freebs Night Out Ladies Night! Get the details,

You guys! I am so beyond speechless… tickets sold out in 30 MINUTES! So, we wiggled and found room to release a few more tickets… which sold out in 2 HOURS! We have opened a waitlist if you want to sign up, in case we have a few cancellations. It will also put you on our list to make sure you get one of the first notifications for our next event! Seriously, thank you for your support. I LOVE MY FREEBS!

Eventbrite - Freebs Night Out: Ladies Night!

 I can't wait to see you there!