As I'm sure you can figure, there's  a fair amount of overhead that goes into a conference like Frugality Boot Camp. My hope is that someday these conferences will be extremely cheap or even free. But until then, there must be a ticket fee or else it just couldn't happen. Thanks to our amazing sponsor team, we were able to bring the price down as low as we have.


We know that even $49 for a ticket can be a major stretch for some. Trust me, I lived for a time where $5 could have made the difference between paying the bills or not. …But I want you to come! Regardless of your financial situation. So we have decided to provide you with a few ways to make that happen.

Ready for our second exciting announcement of the day? We are in the Christmas spirit and are ready to give away some free tickets! 

Boy Shouting

And the crowd goes wild…

Free ticket option #1:

FBC'14 Scholarship Program

We realize that many of you come to Fun Cheap Or Free to help fix, repair, or figure out a tough financial situation, thus, we are sensitive to the fact that every dollar counts in a budget. If you are in a tough financial situation and the ticket price is too much of a stretch for your family, please fill out this application online (or enter responses below). We want to know WHY you feel like you should earn free tickets. How would it change your life? What's your current financial situation like? What are your goals and how would FBC'14 help you accomplish them? Fill out the form and let us know!

Free ticket option #2:

FBC Volunteer Team

We are in need of a solid team of volunteers! The volunteers all need to be here in Utah (sorry out-of-staters!), and MUST be available to work from sun up to sundown at FBC (on January 18th). Volunteers also need to be available to help set up the building the night before for a few hours. Here are some of the  responsibilities of FBC volunteers:

  • Stuffing take-home bags (prior to FBC. Don't worry, we'll make a fun night out of it – bag-stuffing party at my place! woo hoo!)
  • Setting up for FBC'14
  • Registering/checking in attendees
  • Assisting presenters and managing classrooms
  • Helping to prep and serve lunch
  • Handing out giveaways, handouts, and flyers
  • Blasting about FBC on social media prior to FBC, and day-of the event.
  • etc.

Volunteers must be committed, hard-working, organized, efficient, and proactive. Oh, and if you're outgoing and fun that's major brownie points 😉 Volunteers work hard, but play hard too!

In exchange for your hard work, you get to attend FBC'14 completely free-99! We will also have a fun night prior to FBC where we can all get to know each other better, and who doesn't love making new friends??

If qualified and interested, fill out this application form online or fill in your answers below.

We can't wait to work with you!

I hope you enjoy these little gifts from the bottom our hearts over at FCF. Though they aren't much, I hope you can feel that we love having you readers around and love the little family we've created over here.

Awkward Group Hug! XOXO,

Jordan-signature1P.S sorry this announcement was much later than it should've been, and won't even hit your inboxes until 5am. I was out doing fun Christmas stuff with my family and decided that deadlines just need to be slashed once in a while when quality family time is what you're missing because of them. Plus, I figured you wouldn't mind, notice, or even care that much…which is why I love you.