General Conference - free religious broadcast

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Why? It's General Conference time! Twice each year (ever 6 months) a huge world-wide religious conference is broadcast, free, from here in Salt Lake City. You can go in person for free, or can watch at home (on TV or your computer) in your PJ's while eating cinnamon rolls like I do.

Yes, the 2-day conference is broadcast by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) which is my personal religion. But no matter what your religious affiliation is, the talks are centered around uplifting you spiritually and bringing your family closer…which is good for anyone, in my book!

Want to learn what it's all about BEFORE watching?

I recommend searching the hashtag #GeneralConference or #ShareGoodness on Instagram and Facebook. It's heartwarming to see families from all over the world come together to watch something so wholesome.

How do we get our kids to sit through 8 hours of sessions?

(one 2-hour morning session and one 2-hour afternoon session on each day)?

We don't! Ha! They get bored after about 5 minutes. So we arm ourselves with lots of kid activities, puzzles and whatnots. Pinterest has amazing ideas as well. My church board has a whole slew of ideas.

So, if you need me, we will be stuffing ourselves and being as lazy as possible this weekend. I seriously can't wait…