Free printable preschool workbook

On Pinterest, I go gaga over the fun preschool worksheets, assessments, and activities that I see floating around…until I click on them and realize they want me to PAY for it! *enter cheapskate Jordan*.

Have no fear. I have enlisted the help of my former FCF Partner in crime, good friend, and new Child Learning contributor, Lindsay, to fix the issue! I now introduce to you a thorough, adorable (obvs), and completely FREE Printable Preschool Assessment Workbook! Take it away, Linds!

Free printable preschool workbook

Same/Different page closeup

Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay and I blog over at One Beautiful HomeOur little family lives in a TINY town in Western NY. We live in a town that literally does not have a stop light, let alone a Preschool for my son! So when Greyson started approaching preschool age I knew it would likely be on my shoulders to educate him. 

When I began prepping for Preschool at home, I started looking for some resources I could use as an assessment guide for Greyson. I could not find anything that I really liked. I was able to find some online resources, but they all cost at least $10.00, and they did not show all of the pages PLUS they were black and white.

SO, I did A LOT of research. I scoured the internet, I contacted two local preschools and asked for their assessment forms. I also contacted the local health department and received their Ages and Stages sheets.

I used all of my resources to make the 18 page workbook:

Free printable preschool assessment

(click HERE to download and print)

What you will get when you download the workbook:

  1. Cover Page
  2. All About Me
  3. Uppercase Letters & Shapes
  4. Lowercase Letters
  5. Number recognition 1-20
  6. Colors
  7. Patterns
  8. Tracing
  9. Matching
  10. Counting 1-10 (3 pages total)
  11. Color-Trace-Connect
  12. Same / Different
  13. Directional
  14. Goals (2 Pages)

The All About Me page is one of my favorites. I LOVE being able to capture the small moments in our life. It was fun to ask Greyson these questions. If he is young like Greyson is (3) you'll get some answers like this:

Me: Greyson what is your favorite snack?

Greyson: BLUE!! So Yummy…..

Me: hmmmm okay.

Free printable preschool workbook


I plan on tracing Greyson’s had in the dotted blue box on the bottom left. I also think a photo of your child at that age would be fantastic to adhere there too!

So, please feel free to download this workbook and use it with your littles!

Click HERE to download.

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**NOTE- this is a PDF download through Google Drive. There is currently no “Preview” available when you click over to Drive. I am working on fixing that. It also will give you a notice that this file to too large for Google to “scan”. I just want you to know the files are 100% safe and secure!

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Thanks Linds! Isn't she amazing?