(FREE!) Live Budgeting Webinar! Let us answer your personal questions about finance, debt, saving, budgeting and more. All you need is a screen! (And snacks. Always snacks.)

Live budget coaching webinar! Q&A is awesome!!!

Christmas may be over but the most wonderful time of the year in Freebs land is January. Not only do we have our #Focused19 monthly challenges going strong, but, it's time for our (8th annual!) #BBCConf budgeting and frugal living conference. Only, this year we are doing things differently.

Instead of having to buy a ticket, get dressed (ugh, real clothes!), and travel in…we are bringing the conference to YOU! 

Join us this Saturday (January 5) at 9am PST as Bubba and I go live, in YOUR home, to answer YOUR questions about YOUR budgets and finances! The best part? It's Free-99. (I know, I know, we love you too.) 

Here's how it works:

Get your most burning budgeting questions answered live!


It's completely FREE (no strings attached), but spots are limited so you MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO WATCH the live webinar. Click HERE to get access to the webinar replay.

Having trouble signing up? Try a different browser. Still having problems? Email [email protected] and we will assist.


After registering, you will get an email with a link to submit your questions.

This year we are making it all about YOU. We will be drawing from pre-submitted questions by Freebs (you) who have registered for the webinar, and will answer as many as we can, live! Though these questions are about only one family's personal financial situation, we will answer it in a way that will allow you to see how to apply the solutions to your OWN life; so even if it's not your question being answered directly, you'll walk away with the tools as though it was. 

Tip: The more brief and concise, the more likely your question is to be chosen, but also give us as many details as you can so we can answer accurately and appropriately when live. Thanks!


Our broadcast will begin promptly at 9am PST (noon EST). You will be emailed a link and unique password that will allow you access to the webinar at that time (note, it won't work if you tune in early!). So keep an eye on your email for instructions!

The broadcast will last between 60-90 minutes (give or take). Your screen is one-way, so don't worry, we can't see you (yay! No pants necessary!), but you will see us! You can submit questions and comments via chat during the live broadcast, and we will have team members online to help us make sure we don't miss anything important.

Can't watch live?

No problem! Click HERE to get access to the webinar replay.

Not interested in the webinar?

That's ok, we can still be friends! There is still time to join in on our January: Focus on Finance month that includes a free calendar, challenges, & printable envelopes to help you whip your wallet into shape. You are going to love this! If you are needing more budget help we've got Budget Boot Camp that is our proven strategy for helping so many people. With a money back guarantee you've got nothing to lose except for debt!

So what do you say…are you pumped? BECAUSE WE ARE!

“SEE” you Saturday!