Free Invisalign consultation!

Happy Friday, Freebs!

My awesome Ortho, Dr. Parker, asked me to share a special he is running with y'all. Since he and I are basically BFF's since I've become an adult brace-face, I told him OF COURSE!

If you live in Utah, and if you have ever considered Invisalign for you or someone in your family, I highly recommend checking this out. Next Friday (June 19) Dr. Parker is scheduling free appointments for you to come in, ask questions, have him look at your mouth, and see if Invisalign is a good choice for you…which is the exact process I went through myself. The best part is that if you decide to move forward…

…they will MATCH YOUR DOWN PAYMENT up to $600!

Guys, that's like getting paid $600. That's a lot of moola. If you want to know how much Invisalign costs, check out my “How to budget for braces or Invisalign, and how much they cost” post. Here is info on his event:

Free Invisalign consultation!


I hope you guys check it out. Invisalign hasn't been easy, as explained in my “Braces or Invisalign? How to know if it's right for you” post. But it's been SO WORTH the time, effort, and the spending I've had to give up in order to pay for it. I'm almost done with mine and can't wait to see the finished product!

Either way, hope you all have an amazing Friday. XOXO!