Ok, so did you read my last post about my most favorite movie theater ever here in Utah? Are you sitting down?…They told me I could use their theater. So guess what? I AM! Mark your calendars for our upcoming…

“Thank you readers”FREE movie day!
For being such incredible readers, I thought giving you a free event to enjoy with your families would be a fun way to thank you.
When? Saturday November 9
Time? Doors open at 2:00 so your kids can get your energy out on the bouncy house (free!), grab snacks (starting at just $1 each!). The movie will start at 3:00. You will have your choice of family-friendly movies, including Despicable Me 2.
Where? Water Gardens Theater:  1945 E Murray Holladay Rd, Holladay UT
Who? Anyone and everyone; the more the merrier! This is a family-friendly theater, so bringing your kids is encouraged.
More event details HERE.

Simply LIKE Fun Cheap or Free on Facebook!
  • Go to our Facebook page 
  • Click “LIKE” (if you already LIKE our page, pat yourself on the back and go to next step)
  • Go to the tab labelled “free movie tickets” (red arrow below)
  • You will get the promo code needed to get up to 4 free tickets. Need more than 4? You'll just need your spouse or a friend to do the same process.
  • Warning: Tickets are limited. And I'm guessing since they are 110% free, they will go fast, so don't delay.
I decided to bring some of my blog friends on-board for you to mingle with as well. (Because heck, you're probably loyal readers of theirs too!) Enjoy rubbing shoulders with:
 And of course…yours truly 🙂
Awww, how nice…

Free movie? Bouncy houses? Awesome blogger/reader reunions? Stop before my heart fails me from excitement!
Once you have your promo code,
Get your tickets and even more event details HERE

P.S…just to drive this home…seriously, anyone and everyone is invited! The more the merrier. We have the whole place to ourselves, for heaven's sake.
See you there!

Thanks to Water Gardens Theaters for making this possible!