Get Paid $5 + Get a Free $20 Pizza!! [Frugal Find Friday]

How to get paid to rate your pizza from

I heard about this deal recently and thought it was good enough to pass along to you guys on this Frugal Find Friday! It's simple…you can get paid $5 PLUS get a free pizza simply for rating pizza joints in your area! Most of them are Papa Johns, which just so happens to be our favorite pizza at our house. It’s pretty easy to do and you can do it several times a year.

Here’s how to get this deal…

1. Fill out an application and an Independent Contractor Agreement with

2. Once you’ve been approved you can use the “Find Assignment” button to look for pizza shops to rate in your area. They are usually Papa John’s stores, but depending on your city, they could be anything. (Note: In order to accept the assignment, you’ve got to live in the delivery zone for that location)

3. The job entails calling your assigned location and ordering a pizza for delivery (check the purchase requirement for the specific type). You then have to evaluate the phone call, record specific speed of service items, and take 3 specific digital photos of your pizza and 1 photo/scan of your receipt (I plan to use my phone).

4. After you turn in your report, Trendsource will pay you $5 + send you up to $20 reimbursement for the pizza. They pay pretty quickly too. Payments are processed on the 5th & the 20th of each month.

This is definitely a simple way to get some cash AND free dinner for your family! Sure, it will take a few steps. But take a few notes, snap a few pictures with your phone, BAM. Easy peasy. This is exactly the type of thing we started doing to get out of debt; would only eat out if it was completely free.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

Original source: “How to Get Paid $5 (& a FREE Pizza) to Rate Your Local Papa Johns


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