Our new GIVEAWAY…free membership to Deals-to-Meals!

For those of you who have read THIS post, and THIS post, and even THIS post…you know I'm a big fan of Deals To Meals…and especially love using them to Price-Match.

Our new giveaway is for a 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP to Deals to Meals – FREE! This is awesome!
To enter:
You simply have to be a follower of D2M (click here) and Fun Cheap or Free (see right hand side of this site). That's it! Once you're a follower of BOTH SITES simply leave a comment and let me know.

***For a bonus entry, LIKE funcheaporfree on Facebook:***

Here's how D2M works:

  • Every week D2M looks at all the ads from the grocery stores in Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nor Cal, So Cal,  Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas (Wheew!). 
  • You choose the store(s) you want to see
  • They sort the ads by GREAT deals vs GOOD deals in a spreadsheet for you.
  • You go through the spreadsheet, click the little box of the items you need for that week, and it adds them to a “grocery cart” for you.
(Here's what my shopping list looked like last week)
  • You print out your “grocery cart” list, and there you go! (I take that list to Wal Mart and price match it so I don't have to go to multiple stores…but that's just me.)
  • No need to clip coupons, no need to spend hours scouring ads yourself, you simply SEE what's on sale & what the best deals are, and stock up on them while they're hot.
So easy and so useful! I needed some produce last week, so here's how D2M's shopping list helped me save last week (refer to shopping list above):
I went to Wal Mart and the Cantaloupes were $1.50 ea. 
Because of D2M's list, I price-matched them at 4lb for $.99!

The bell peppers were on sale for $0.98, 
But because of D2M's list, I price-matched them for $0.89!

Cilantro was $0.54 each, 
But I price-matched them for $0.20 each!

Mangos were $1.18 each,
But I price-matched them for $0.33 each! Yikes!
I also got 4 huge packages of fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Typically $1.99lb on sale, I price-matched them for $1.33/lb! I froze them in individual baggies and now have a few months worth of chicken in my freezer.
I also got Strawberries at $1.50 ea, that's a great deal right now too.
My best deal of the day, though? Malt-o-Meal cereal. I buy the huge bags, they are typically between $4-$5 each.
Because of D2M's list, I price-matched them at $2.50 each…that's about 1/2 the price!!
Click HERE to learn more about D2M, and good luck on the giveaway! 
We will draw a winner in two weeks.


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