This week's subject is the Incredible Edible Egg
Eggs are one of the best whole nutrition food there is, but not all eggs are created equal. For egg facts that will blow your mind read this article from This Week for Dinner. Did you know that the eggs you buy from the grocery store are about 2 months old?! Yes you read that right, I said months! The best place to buy eggs is from a local farmer and you want cage free, free range chickens. I found a place close by from using the KSL Classifieds under home and garden and then farmers market and fresh produce. If you want to turn yourself away from store eggs forever go to this site.

Now, on to my egg tips.
Tip 1: Cracking eggs
Did you know that if you take two eggs and crack them together, only one egg will crack! It is easier that hitting them on the counter or other forms of cracking them.
Tip 2: Separating Eggs from the Whites
If you hold your eggs under running water until they no long feel cold before you crack them, the whites will just fall off the yolk.