Dipped Pretzel Collage
Today I thought I'd plant a cheap and easy holiday treat idea for you. I've made these for years, and like to make them for baby showers and parties. They are easy, cheap, cute, creative, and delicious!
Decorative Dipped Pretzel Rods
Here's how I do it:
You can use a number of different types of chocolate, but if you want easy colored chocolate I recommend these:

I bought them from Michaels craft store using coupons. You can also buy them at kitchen supply stores like Gygi.

These are nice because you can simply melt them in the microwave (you could also use a double boiler, but the micro is soooo easy…).

I like to use a measuring cup. It's easy to hold, and it's easy to roll the pretzels in.
Simply coat your pretzel, let the excess drip off,
and sprinkle your fun toppings on top while the chocolate is still wet. I like to have little tupperware under my pretzel to catch the excess toppings. That way you can reuse the topping that is caught in the tupperware!

You could also put your toppings on a flat tray or plate and roll your rods in the toppings for a thicker coating.

I like to stick mine in cups in the fridge so they harden and dry quickly.
Another type of chocolate I LOVE to use is this:
Almond Bark (no, it doesn't taste like almonds)
It comes in chocolate and white chocolate (I buy mine at Wal Mart). The reason I love to use almond bark is because:
A) It tastes good
B) The chocolate gets nice and hard, almost crunchy. Other chocolates can remain soft so they melt in your hands or get dented when they hit something.
C) It dries quickly and melts easily
D) You can color the white chocolate to be any color you'd like!
You can also add drops of flavoring to the chocolate to switch it up (peppermint, almond, vanilla, etc…)

Note: You DO NOT want to use chocolate chips. They don't harden well; they remain pretty soft and melt easily. You don't want chocolate smearing all over the cute wrapping you put the rods in!

And that's it! It's so easy. Get creative with colors and toppings. For the shower I did combinations of pink and white, using sprinkles and coconut. The coconut was sooo good!
You can do the same with marshmallows.
Use molds to get fun shapes like I did HERE.
Note: For super duper delicious chocolate pretzel rods, make some homemade caramel and dip the pretzel in caramel BEFORE dipping in chocolate (but let the caramel dry completely first). YOU. WILL. PASS. OUT it's so good!
I kept my rods in tupperware in the fridge until the party.
The fridge isn't necessary, I only did that because it was almost 100 degrees outside at the time and I didn't want my chocolate getting soft.
Play around with different colors of chocolate and different toppings.
Got a broken pretzel rod? No problem!
Just dip the broken end of the pretzel in the chocolate and you will just have shorter, but perfectly perfect, pretzels. Check out my shorties below:

Wrap your creations in cute ribbons and bags, put them in creative boxes, make little printed sacks, or put them in cute dollar store jars or mugs and they make the perfect holiday treat for friends and neighbors! Check out some of these adorable – and yummy – ideas I found:

Use a spoon dipped in chocolate for the drizzle effect, or fill a ziplock bag with chocolate and snip off the corner. Squeeze the chocolate out like you would when decorating a cake.

Remember, spreading holiday cheer doesn't have to be expensive. Crush up leftover Halloween candy to use as toppings for your Christmas pretzel rods. Buy cellophane holiday bags on clearance AFTER the holiday and use them for the following year. You will have an impressive gift for friends for cheap!

Here are some of my other favorite recipes:

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Happy eating 🙂