Foodie Tuesday food idea: Super cute dipped pretzels and multi-colored layered cake!

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! I know this has taken forever, but I am STILL giving you the “how-to's” from the big baby shower I threw recently! Today I'll show you a few fun food tips:

1. How to make these so cute and so easy chocolate pretzels:

At first people thought these pretzels were just decoration; they were so cute, no one wanted to eat them! Once someone tasted one and spread the word, though, they went pretty fast 🙂

They are so easy, but look SO FANCY. Here's how you do them:
You buy colored melting chocolate like I did,
You can find them at pretty much any craft or cooking store.
OR…you can buy white melting chocolate and color it with food coloring. Either way.
Next, you buy your mold. There are a bazillion different kinds!! I got the flower mold on clearance at Michaels so that's what I went with.

See lots of options HERE.
Pick up some sturdy pretzel rods,
then simply melt the chocolate as directed, pour some into the mold with a spoon, roll the pretzel rod in the chocolate, then top it off with a little more chocolate to make sure it's completely covered.
Stick the mold into the fridge for a few minutes (you'll be surprised at how fast the chocolate hardens!), carefully pop them out of the mold, and voila! 
Super fast, cute, cheap, and easy party favors, snacks, and decor.
Told you it was easy!
Next trick…

2. How to make a multi-colored layered cake
Here's the before picture. I'll teach you how to make fondant soon. I'm bummed I didn't pull out the slice of cake to give you a better picture of the inside! Sorry guys!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a good picture of it the day of the shower, so this is the next day from my cell phone. LAME I know, sorry guys! Trust me, it's cool looking 🙂
To make a multi-layered cake is so easy! All you need is a cake mix, and food coloring. I use the cake decorating coloring like this:
Prepare a white or vanilla cake mix as directed. 
Split the mix into three 8-in or 9-in round pans. If you want a 6 layer cake just use 2 cake mixes and 6 pans (if you don't have that many pans you can do them one at a time, it just may be harder to split them evenly).
Add food coloring to the individual pan of cake mix until it's the color you want.

Bake as directed, but take note that it bakes much faster so keep an eye on it.
Let the cakes cool completely, and use thick frosting around each layer to stack them.
This is how you make cakes like this:
Found HERE
Decorate the cake all cutesy-like, and there you go! How fun is that?! 
Give these fun tricks a try, and enjoy!


  1. I Love your cake colorful layer idea – I will have to post a picture on my blog and link yours once I complete it though. I don’t have 6 pans so I will be the unlucky one doing only 2 at a time 🙁

  2. Lei – yes, let us know how the finished product turned out! Yeah, it’s a little labor-intensive but if you have 2 or 3 pans even, it will make it go much faster. Just put on a good movie and it’ll be done in no time 🙂

  3. How would you suggest shipping the pretzels cross country. I'd love to make then for my cousin's baby shower but there is no way I could bring them with me on the plane. Also, they would have to be there before me.

  4. Hargran-
    Honestly, if you can't take it with you on the plane, it'd be cheaper to order some online and have them sent there before-hand. There are much cheaper and easier party treats to buy, but if you're set on pretzels, that's what I'd do. Sometimes it's worth it – even if you spend more – to save yourself some hassle! I can't begin to imagine how complicated it would be to ship food, I've never done it before. Plus, it would probably be costly! Pretzels are so fragile, I could see them breaking 🙁 BUT…if you ended up having a free hour before the party, that's about all the time you'd need and you could just make them there. Sorry I couldn't help more, good luck!

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