It's summertime!! Kids are home and its time to start working on your summer bucket list. Who is ready to get out there and start soaking up the sun? This summer challenge is for YOU!

June Summer Challenge Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

It?s June!! Summer is almost in full-swing around here, and if your house is anything like mine, a bit of affordable (or free!) entertainment is in order!

For June and July, we're officially having a Focus on Summer challenge in our year-long program. Have you been joining in?? If not, SIGN UP NOW to grab this amazing list of summer activities to keep you and the family busy all summer long.

Summer Challenge Ideas

We're mixing it up a little this month… instead of the usual calendar with weekly challenges. We just want to encourage you to embrace the summer fun!

June Focus on Summer Challenge Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Sometimes summer gets a little overwhelming because we feel this need to constantly entertain the little people around us. Let's throw that pressure out the window.

That's right!!! To help bust summer boredom, this month we?ve recreated a list of some of our favorite Fun, Cheap, and even FREE summer activities to keep the kiddos moving all summer long? without giving you a planning headache! Need more tips for making the most of summer, check out this sweet list!

Focus on Summer Challenge from Fun Cheap or Free

We've even added in a super fun list of activities for older youth and even adults to conquer this summer! Challenge yourself to see how many you can do this summer.

Summer Is For Memory Making

Sometimes summer passes us by so quickly. We look back and feel like, while we have done so much, there were still so many things we didn?t do.

June Summer Focus Challenge from Fun Cheap or Free

This year we encourage you to milk every second of summer! However, this doesn't mean you need to plan every second of every day. Be intentional about it!

Family Bucket List

My challenge to you this month is to take the lists provided and use it to create a summer bucket list to do WITH your family.

Summer Challenge from Fun Cheap or Free

There are over 100 different activities on these lists, so sit down as a family, pick out your favorites, and get to planning the BEST SUMMER EVER! Put it on a big poster board, or make punch cards, write them on 3×5 cards and clip them to a string?however you do it, make it visual, and make it fun!

Individual Bucket Lists for Kids

Summer is also the perfect time for kids to explore and learn and discover on their own. Our summer list is full of ideas for the kids to take ownership of – there are ideas for kids of all ages.

Focus on Summer from Fun Cheap or Free

Have the kids make their own bucket list of things that they want to do themselves. That way when the complaints of boredom start to fly, you have a list that you can refer the kids to full of activities that they want to do!

They might just be having so much fun that you'll want to join in with them! We have two tips for you to make the most of your summer

  1. Make an effort to be spontaneous and enjoy the chaotic moments with your kids this summer.
  2. Plan ahead and create some memories with your family that you'll cherish for years to come.

That's all there is to it! The trick to enjoying summer is 95% attitude – when all else fails, take a vacation!

Focus on Summer Monthly Challenge from Fun Cheap or Free

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Catch ya later –