March: Focus on Fitness Month – free printable calendar & weekly challenges

March: Focus on Fitness month

Raise your hand if you get enough sleep, drink enough water, sit up perfectly straight, and work out regularly! …crickets…

If you're anything like me, you got some big fat ZEROS on that one. Oops. While I am no health/fitness guru (by a long shot) one thing I DO know is that health and fitness is more than just about formal exercise. It's about happiness, balance, and overall quality of life. Mine is a bit out of balance right now, so I am so excited that it's finally MARCH, and time to Focus on Fitness!

I hope you are all enjoying getting Focused in 14 as much as I am. This month I encourage everyone to play along and set a few health/fitness goals. It doesn't necessarily have to be to lose 10lb like I did in July (though we will be doing a weight-loss challenge, see below). It could be as simple as drinking more water, getting more sleep, or having better posture. Whatever it is, jump on board and let's have fun this month! We have made a printable calendar for you to follow along with the weekly challenges for the month, and keep track of your awesome progress! Here's the calendar and breakdown: 

We have lots of fun things planned this month! Print this calendar HERE

March - Focus on Fitness Calendar

 Here is the detailed breakdown:

March - Focus on Fitness Calendar

1. Share and win! Throughout the month be sure to share how you are focusing on fitness! Every time you use the hashtag #FocusOnFitnessMonth on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, it is an entry toward prizes that we will be giving away throughout the month!

2. Set goals. Be sure to set some defined goals ON MARCH 1. Don't wait! Start your month off right. Be realistic, be clear, make your goals defined, and don't be afraid of “small” goals. Small victories will keep you motivated and will eventually lead to huge victories! More on setting accomplishable goals HERE.

3. Weight-loss challenge!! If you don't need to lose weight, make it a sit-up challenge…or wall-sit challenge, or do something that works for you. For the rest of us, set a realistic goal, and let's make this happen! I am on a cruise as we speak so when I get back I will have at least 5 lbs to lose (maybe 10?). My goal is to lose at least 1.25lb per week this month. If it helps, break your weight-loss goal down PER DAY and write it on the calendar. Whatever keeps you on-track and motivated, do it! I will be posting my weight and updates on Instagram like I did with the 10lb challenge, and I encourage you to do the same. It makes it harder to cheat when an audience is watching 🙂

4. Move Your Body Week! Every day this week make it a point to do ONE thing that gets your body up and moving! It could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of an elevator, going on a walk with your family, or taking a back-row spot in a parking lot, to going to the gym every day. Whatever it is, get up and moving!

5. Water Only Week! Boy will this be a tough one. For 7 days consume NOTHING to drink, except for water. No soda, coffee, alcohol, Crystal Lite, Gatorade, Propel, nada. Just pure. Ol'. Water. Sure, there are many vitamin drinks out there that are arguably healthy. But at the end of the day 99.9% of us probably don't drink enough plain water, so let's get our bodies what they need, let our taste buds get all the other stuff out of their system, and do our body good!

March - Focus on Fitness Calendar

6. Half way there! Keep up the good work with your weight-loss goal! The last 1/2 is the hardest, so write your motivation and goals on your mirror and hang in there.

7. No Sugar Week! Is anyone already dreading this one? This is 110% going to be the absolute hardest one for me. For 7 days do your best to avoid ALL SUGAR! You will need to choose your level of extreme on this one, because pretty much everything has sugar in it. For me, it will mostly be obvious sugar like sugary cereal, candy, desserts, sugary snacks, etc. I won't worry too much about the sugar that's baked into my bread or taco shells or what have you. Boy this will be hard, so I'm going to need your motivation on this one!

8. More Sleep Week! Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise. If you're anything like me then you aren't getting NEARLY as much asleep as you need. I turn to caffeine occasionally for a pick-me-up to make up for my lack of sleep, or I just remain grumpy at my family and use the “there aren't enough hours in the day” excuse to justify it all. Get wise this week with me! Let's focus on going to bed early and waking up early to get our bodies in a good, restful routine.

9. We made it! Weigh yourself, measure yourself, go back and calculate your results…and flaunt them to the world! Last chance to share how you did this month using the #FocusOnFitness hashtag for a chance to win.

Again, get your FREE CALENDAR PRINTABLE and follow along all month long!

I am so excited about getting fit this month, and I hope you are too. WHO'S WITH ME?!?!




  1. AvatarCharlsey G says

    Cannot wait! Me and a girlfriend were just saying that we were going to cancel our gym membership this month of we did not use it for at least 20 days. Thos is exactly ehat we need to jump start getting back on track with our health (not to mention weeding out unnecessary expenses!). Thank you for working so hard on these monthly Focused in 14 challenges. They have been fun and helpful 🙂

  2. AvatarBrittany says

    I’m very excited about this! However, I’m going on vacation March 16 -20 and the last thing I want to do on vacation ( a fun cruise!) is workout hard and not take advantage of the copious amounts of different food they have available. Hopefully this month will include tips on how to your enjoy vacation without feeling like you’re dieting (but also not coming home 10lbs heavier).

  3. AvatarBrittany says

    One other thing: People who are partaking in the weight loss challenge portion. Be sure to take your measurements as well (and pics too if you can). At the end of the month you may have lost nowhere near your goal — say 3 out of 10 lbs – but if your thighs/waist/hips/bust has gone down a few inches, that’s a huge win!

  4. AvatarAimee says

    Phew, I already drink nothing but water…. well, an occasional hot chocolate sneaks in now and then. The early to bed one is going to be a challenge though, I married a night owl.
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  5. AvatarChristalee says

    This sounds like fun! I can’t do the weight loss challenge or start any exercises since I’m halfway through my pregnancy but I can walk every day!

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